Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is transformation. It is a tool to change, to grow, to thrive. It is alliance between the client and the coach, who creates the perfect atmosphere for the client to feel empowered to achieve any goals. As your coach, I can take you through a process in which you will:

    • Become aware of your inner world. Coaching is a journey inwards, and the first step is to understand what’s going on inside us. We will assess your starting point and your desired state, according to your true values.
    • Identify your blocks and limiting beliefs. We will work together on understanding where they come from. All blocks have their origin in past experiences or beliefs we acquired when we were very young. In my experience, it is crucial to understand their root before we can overcome them.
    • Learn the tools to remove your limiting beliefs. Say goodbye to old patterns that are no longer useful. Release repressed emotions that are impacting your daily life. I will suggest exercises to do in our sessions or to do on your own.
    • Re-decide about your new mind-set and goals, define an action plan to make the most of your potential and get to your desired state.

What happens in a coaching session?

Coaching is not about giving you answers or telling you what to do. It is about having your own space to know yourself better. In a coaching session, I will ask you key questions, suggest exercises or teach you ideas to implement in your daily life. All my sessions are tailor made and I will use different tools and techniques depending on your needs.

All of this will happen in a friendly atmosphere, with lots of positive energy so you feel empowered to achieve your goals. And most importantly, you will be working with someone who has worked (and will always keep working) on her personal development with coaches too. I know how it feels when you have your first coaching session, I know how shocked you can be after some realisations and I know it is not always an easy process. So don’t worry, I will understand how you feel because probably I’ve been in a similar situation myself!

I’m here to take you as far as you want to go, but you will always set your rhythm and limits. I will never ask you to do something you don’t want to do, if I suggest an exercise and you don’t feel like doing it that’s perfectly fine, just say it and we’ll try something else. If you don’t want to keep talking about a specific topic you don’t have to. Coaching sessions are a space for you to feel comfortable and where your wellbeing is the priority.

What can I work on in a coaching session?

Common topics include:

  • How to deal with your emotions so they don’t affect your daily life
  • How to have healthy relationships free from old patterns
  • Remove any blocks that may be holding you back in your career
  • Increase your confidence and be the best version of yourself
  • Achieve a meaningful and fulfilling career
  • Any other area of your life that you want to improve

Do you only coach women?

My structured programs include a specific section about how to integrate the tools into the feminine cycle, as this is something complex and generally unknown that adds a lot of value to my female clients. But if you are a man and want to work with me you are more than welcome! We can replace that content with something adjusted to you needs. Or let me know what you want to achieve and we will work on a tailored coaching program for you.

Will I achieve all you claim in your programs?

Coaching has its origin in sports coaches. I will give you tools, I will accompany in your transformation process and empower you, but like a coach to a tennis player, I cannot play the match for you! I will try my best to help you achieve your goals, but the coaching process does not work just by attending the sessions. You will need to spend time on yourself, be willing to change and work on your own to get results.  My clients have achieved amazing results with coaching, but it is impossible to guarantee beforehand what results you will get. The fact is that if the client takes responsibility for their life and really want to change, coaching is an extremely powerful tool. Why not book a free consultation to learn more about coaching and assess if this is for you.

Why do you only offer sessions online?

In my experience, online coaching has many advantages. You save time commuting, you can do the sessions from home while you have a coffee in your pyjamas if you want. I myself had weekly online therapy sessions for two years, and found that they were as effective as the in person ones (and way more convenient!). When I am looking for a new coach I do not even ask if they do in person sessions, and if they do I still choose the online version. Also, online coaching gives me the opportunity to work with clients in many countries, so you can work with me regardless of where you are based. If there are any connection problems we can always recover that time or reschedule the session. I invite you to try the free consultation so you can see how convenient it is for yourself!

Do you have qualifications as a coach?

Yes! My training includes a two year master’s degree in Humanistic Integrative Counselling (University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid) and a Certificate in Personal and Corporate Coaching (Barefoot Coaching, London), accredited by the ICF as an “Accredited Coach Training Programme”.

I’ve bought a coaching program but after the first session I realised I don’t want to continue. Can I ask for a refund?

Sure! You will only achieve success if you feel comfortable with your coach and you are sure that this is exactly what you need. There is no point in doing the sessions only because you already paid for them. If you’ve paid for a coaching program upfront and after the first session you decide you don’t want to continue, I will refund you for the remaining sessions. Link to terms of business.

Do coaching programs expire?

Sessions will expire after one year from the purchase date. To make the most of the coaching progress, it is recommended to have a session every 15-30 days.

What if I want to keep working with you after the program finishes?

If you’ve done one of the structured coaching programs and you would like to have more individual sessions to work in more depth, you will have a discount to buy future sessions J Some people prefer to buy packages of sessions to work on specific topics, other find it more useful to have a follow-up monthly session… We can assess the best way to keep working together when the program finishes.

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