Reclaim Your Power

1:1 Healing Coaching Program

Break free from the past and reclaim your power to confidently create the life YOU truly want to live.

Is this you…?

Stuck In The Past

You can feel your Soul's calling to do great things, but they are very different from what you have been told to do all your life. You want to live a life that feels true to yourself, but you feel like you're living based on someone else's expectations. You don't resonate with most of your old friends and family anymore, and you feel trapped in the programming and influences of the past.

Negative Self-Talk

You mind is always busy with negative thoughts about yourself that keep you small. 'You're not good enough', 'Who do you think you are' or 'You don't deserve this' are messages that your inner critic often throws at you out of nowhere. So you don't feel comfortable making decisions that are right for YOU, and if you do you feel guilty, like you're letting someone down. This is not only frustrating but exhausting!


Sometimes you feel like you don't know who you *truly* are anymore. You are in the process of changing and growing and you are discovering new aspects of your true self. But you have doubts about your decisions, you overthink and question if you are on the right path. Deep inside you fear that if you follow your heart's desires your loved ones will criticise you or reject you, so you end up sabotaging yourself and breaking the flow with the universe.

Low Self-Esteem

You often get stuck in toxic or draining relationships where you don't feel loved, celebrated or cared for. Or you find yourself doing jobs where you are not valued and you know you could do much more. You struggle to love and honour yourself enough to set boundaries and prioritise your well-being, so you feel like you are not in control of your own life, trying to keep everyone happy but yourself.

Old Blocks

You have done some inner work but you know there are some deep blocks that are not allowing you to move on completely and create the life you truly want to live. It might be a traumatic experience that hasn't healed properly, accumulated emotions like resentment, anger, fear or sadness or a deep belief about yourself that is no longer serving you.
You know it's time to do the deep healing and release these blocks for good.

Unfulfilled Purpose

When you started your healing and spiritual growth journey you thought that life would flow effortlessly for you, but you are not experiencing the magic you know it's possible when you follow your Soul's calling. You are still trying to figure out what your Soul's purpose is or you are struggling to manifest it, and you feel frustrated and unfulfilled. You are probably delving into different healing modalities and spiritual traditions but there are so many 'spiritual gurus' out there that it can be overwhelming and confusing and you haven't found a mentor that really resonates with you.

If you answered yes to any of the above, the 'Reclaim Your Power' programme is made FOR YOU!

With this programme, you will...

Life on YOUR terms

You will get crystal clear around your priorities, values and life goals. Rediscover and honour who you truly are, your essence, free from the conditioning of the past. Become who you came here to be, not what others expect you to be.

Confident & Empowered

Enough keeping yourself small. Step into your power with confidence so you can take back control of your life.
Learn to believe in yourself so much that you won't hesitate to do all those things you always wanted to do. Launching your own business, writing a book or starting a blog to share your journey with the world, the sky is the limit!

Fulfilling Relationships

You will value and honour yourself so much that you will only allow into your life people you deserve and are aligned with you. Finally find a loving and caring partner, enjoy healthier relationships with your family and friends and find a new tribe of high vibration people who support you in your growth.

Flow With Life

As you release your deepest blocks and leave the baggage that was holding you back behind, life will start to flow for you. The more you heal, the lighter you become, raising your vibration and becoming more aligned with joyful, pleasant and fulfilling experiences. No more sabotaging yourself - get ready to create and manifest your life vision.

Fall in Love with Yourself

Rediscover your inner treasures and realise your self-worth. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and treat yourself with compassion and kindness, enjoying a deep sense of inner peace and bliss.

Make An Impact

Realise and manifest your Soul's mission through your career, community work, arts or just by bringing light to others. Listen to your soul and live in alignment with your purpose so you can make the impact in the world you came here to make.
What we cover in the programme

The ‘EMPOWER’ Method


to Create YOUR Vision

I will guide you in a self-discovery process to help you identify what your dream life looks like to YOU.

Not the one that others expect you to live, but the one that feels authentic and aligned for you. What old ways of living do you want to leave behind? What is missing? What are your big goals and dreams?

This vision will help you have a sense  of direction and purpose.

We will also use powerful intention setting and manifestation techniques to bring your vision into reality.




Heal the Inner Child

& Break Free from the Past

If your inner child carries fears, insecurities or pain that haven’t been resolved, this will show up in your adult life.

It can manifest as self-sabotage, strong emotional reactions, anxiety, unhealthy habits, lack of self-belief or negative thoughts about yourself.

We’ll help the inner child feel safe, re-write her story and give her the love she needed in the first place.

Heal the wounds of the past, traumatic experiences and ancestral patterns that are no longer serving you and reconnect with the joy, innocence and playfulness of your gorgeous inner child.


Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

to Develop an Empowering Mindset

I will help you develop an empowering mindset by going deep into your subconscious mind to identify the beliefs or negative thoughts that are keeping you stuck in old ways of living and not allowing you to move forward.

We will replace them with empowering new beliefs that will bring you closer to the life of joy and purpose you deserve.

When you leave the overthinking and negative thoughts behind, you can build a more positive self-talk that will support your growth and expansion.




Raise Your Self-Confidence

& Reclaim Your Power

It’s time to shut up the inner voice that says that you are not good enough, there is a problem with you or that other people’s needs are more important than yours.

Negative self-talk is the number one enemy of self-confidence, which results in people pleasing, keeping yourself small and living your life based on someone else’s expectations.

When you believe in yourself life is much easier, it flows and you can build your dream life.

Reconnect with your biggest inner treasures, your skills, your unique talents and your inner wisdom. As you realise your self-worth you will become more empowered to take actions that are aligned with a joyful and authentic way of living.

Cultivate Self-Love

& Embody Your True Self

When your inner child feels safe, you break free from the conditioning of the past and you raise your self-confidence, you will start to see your true self.

Your true self has your essence, your innate talents, everything that makes you unique and special.

It is time to love yourself unconditionally so you can become the woman you were always meant to be. Not the one that others expect you to be, the one that is the fullest expression of your Higher Self.

Get ready to fall in love with yourself, embody your true self and manifest your Soul’s purpose – the only way to true fulfillment.



Develop Your Intuition

& Access Your Higher Guidance

As you rid your busy mind of old beliefs and negative thoughts, you will be able to access your intuition and listen to your Higher Self – the best and most powerful way to make decisions that are aligned with your Soul’s purpose.

When you follow your Higher Self’s guidance life just flows, and you can unlock new potentials you never thought would be possible for you.

Learn how to use and trust this magical skill in a safe and empowering way.

Bonus: let me show you how to flow with your female cycle and optimise its different stages and this skill will become a superpower!


So if you are ready to leave the past in the past, reconnect to who you truly are and live out your soul's purpose so you can experience a life of joy and fulfillment, this programme will help you achieve just that!

Enough staying stuck, it is time to release yourself and live the life you were meant to.

If this is calling to you and you want to find out more about the 'Reclaim Your Power' programme book a free discovery session below.

What does the program include?



Choose between 6 or 12 1hour sessions over 3 months.




After each session you receive a summary with key takeaways/actions and personalised tools to use between sessions.


You will have my support between sessions, great for accountability, moral support or to answer your questions. Via Voxer messenger or email.

One-off 1.5hour Session

£ 144

  • 1 x 1.5 hour session.
  • Summary of the session with key takeaways, action plan & personalised resources.
  • 30 days of email/Voxer support after your session.
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6 Sessions

£ 600

3 Month Programme
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions (Or make them longer or shorter in increments of 30min)
  • Summary after each session with key takeaways/next steps
  •   Personalised assignments & tools to use between sessions.
  • Unlimited message support between sessions
Sign Up Now £600

12 SessionsMost Powerful Option!

£ 890

3 Month Programme
  • 12 x 1 hour sessions (Or make them longer or shorter in increments of 30min)
  • Summary after each session with key takeaways/next steps
  • Personalised assignments & tools to use between sessions
  • Unlimited message support between sessions
Sign Up Now £890

Not sure which one is best for you?


Clients' love:

Krishna, UK

One of my greatest investments into myself has been working with Verónica. I knew that my mindset was not serving me any longer, however I was struggling to edit the narration of my story. I came across Verónica in a serendipitous way and right after my introduction call with her, I knew from Verónica's energy that working with her was just what I needed - her empathy, friendliness and ability to make one feel at ease is truly remarkable. At the time it was a big decision due to the costs attached, however, I knew that the payoff would continue to give me great returns throughout my lifetime and I was not mistaken! From working with Verónica over the past several months, I have gained significant self awareness and vastly expanded my mental toolkit, as well as gotten more in touch with my highest self and femininity. I have finally cultivated the mindset of the woman whom I always have desired to be. I give Veronica my highest recommendation!

Candice, UK

Working with Veronica is always wonderful - each time is different, and each time we go so deep... Among other potent things, together we have excavated and released old beliefs and programmes that were suffocating me, and we have brought back a beautiful part of my Soul, so that I now feel more whole, and empowered from my very core - my transformation, both within and without, has been profound! Veronica creates such a safe and supportive container, and I feel witnessed and understood in her presence, and encouraged and inspired by her words and her deep wisdom.

Wejdan, Jordan

Veronica is a highly skilled healer, I’ve experienced instant healing after each session, and huge shifts over the period of 2 months, I feel like a different person now, she has wisdom and compassion, I felt like talking to a best friend, she’s so understanding and kind, as well as experienced and skillful in what she does, I’m so grateful for her for helping me make those rapid and huge changes in my life.

Jess, UK

Veronica always allows space to hear me physically, spiritually and energetically. I have found my sessions to be transformative and each time I am amazed at how aligned Veronica is to my internal energies. She has a beautiful way of holding a nurturing, safe space for me to share and be vulnerable, and incredibly intuitive skills and talents that have helped shift my blockages and move me forwards. Thank you V for your support and guidance. Very much appreciated and highly recommended!

Leah, Canada

Your support, wisdom and kindness has helped me so much over the past few months. Your direct, clear and sensitive approach has made me wake up to my potential and to help me believe in myself again. You're the best!

Anne, UK

I had a fantastic journey consisting of 9 sessions with Veronica. Each session was revealing, healing and most enjoyable. By the end of the programme I felt lighter and I knew I had released some things that no longer served me . Veronica is a wonderful coach and therapist and I highly recommend her.

Book your free DISCOVERY session and let's find out if 'Reclaim Your Power' is the best option for you.

This free no-obligation session is a great opportunity to meet each other and know more about what working together would look like. We will explore where you are at and where you want to be and I will let you know if I think I’m the right person to help you. Whether you decide to work with me or not, these sessions can give a lot of clarity and confidence and you will leave the session with a renewed and more empowering vision of yourself!


Hi I'm Verónica, a Life & Mindset Coach & Energy Healer, helping women on a self-development journey who feel ready to finally do the deep healing so they can live their highest life.

My mission is to help women to break free from the conditioning of their past, reclaim their power and unlock their inner treasures so they can confidently create the life they truly want to live.

I have helped many women across the globe (almost 20 countries now!) to step into their power and elevate themselves beyond their story and start living in an authentic and fulfilling way, leaving the people pleasing, self-doubts and old ways of living behind.

I have a unique approach to healing and self-development which combines powerful Energy Healing techniques (including Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine), the results-orientated approach of Coaching and the therapeutic background of Humanistic Integrative Counselling.

In addition to my experience and knowledge, when you work with me I bring my powerful intuition to the table, which is one of the most effective ways to spot hidden blocks and guide you in the right direction. Plus I have a very grounded, no-nonsense approach to spirituality – which can be hard to find these days!

Does this sound like something you need in your life?

Book a free discovery session here and let’s chat!


My work is transformational because it is the combination of these powerful disciplines:

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is one of the most powerful techniques I’ve found to remove limiting beliefs, old patterns and ‘install’ new empowering beliefs and emotions. It is much quicker and effective than conventional therapy because we work in the theta brainwave state, which gives us access to the subconscious mind. We will start with a meditation to take us into a theta brainwave and to connect  with the universal energy of creation. From here we can achieve deep healing and personal transformation through ‘reprogramming’ the subconscious mind.

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) & Matrix Reimprinting

This is an incredibly powerful technique to resolve traumatic memories, allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained from past events, sends a message to the body/cells/DNA the trauma is over and you literally rewrite the story that lives within you, replacing limiting beliefs or early decisions with empowering beliefs and emotions. Once you ‘rewrite’ your story and upgrade your state of being, you will send it to the field to attract new experiences that match your new beliefs and emotions.

Shamanic Energy Healing

We all carry old stories within us from painful experiences, traumatic events, or challenging situations we have had to face… When these experiences are not healed or processed properly, they can leave ‘imprints’ or pockets of ‘dirty’ energy in our energy field that can manifest as limiting beliefs, repeating patterns, toxic behaviours, negative experiences or even physical symptoms. The Shamanic Energy work I do focuses on clearing the energy field from all sorts of energy blocks (including karmic imprints, etheric cords or attachments), while developing a strong connection with our true essence.

Spiritual Mentoring

We are much more than flesh and bones. This life is just a fraction of a much deeper and longer soul journey. When we are connected with God and our Higher Guidance we know we will be guided and supported in every aspect of our life. We can then make decisions that are in our highest interest and that will result in the most joyful experience we can have on earth while continuing our soul evolution. I will teach you a combination of spiritual practices, like meditation and prayer, to help you connect with your Soul’s mission, so you can flow with life and be open to receive the blessings that the universe has for you.


My background in Humanistic Integrative Counselling means I am trained and experienced to create a safe space for you which will enable you to connect with the inner resources you already have, but might be difficult to see when you’re facing tough times! You will feel supported and taken care of in an non-judgemental sacred space. A big part of the healing and personal transformation process relies on integrating the big eureka moments, the mindset shifts and the energy clearings we will be doing. I am well equipped to guide you in that process and make it smooth and enjoyable for you!

Life Coaching

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential with a more ‘goal-orientated’ approach than traditional therapy. My coaching tools will give you clarity around your true values and your life goals. You will gain awareness about what is holding you back and what you need to do to move forward and have the life you always wanted.  Expect assignments between sessions that will take out the best of you!

What my clients say about me:


I’ve worked with Veronica over the past 6 months and she has made a huge difference to my life.
She has changed the way I think about myself, and other people and is very knowledgeable in different subjects surrounding Coaching.
Her ability to absorb lots of information and give advice to deal with different issues is commendable and I would highly recommend working with her.
Thank you Veronica!


Veronica is an exceptional therapist. She made me feel very safe and able to explore some difficult topics. She has a lovely warm manner and her level of skill really shows. Thank you so much.


I received the best therapy ever. Verónica was very understanding, I could be very open with her and cry without feeling judged. She gave me excellent advice and exercises that I still use, I am so glad I contacted her.


1000% recommended. Very talented empowering and helpful woman. Makes you feel comfortable and coaches you in the right direction. Very supportive, great listener and helps you in the areas of your life you want to work on to be a better you. Thank you for helping me.


The session with Verónica was very respectful, deep and intense. After only one session with her my attitude towards money shiftet tremendously, I can feel the beautiful abundance now. What a gift, thank you very much, Verónica!


Veronica is a very experienced knowledgeable healer. She works intuitively and holds space beautifully. I went into a deep state of relaxation and I could feel the amazing energy work happening, aligning and cleansing. I highly recommend having a session with Veronica. Whatever you have going on, her beautiful energy healing work will help, guide and assist. Thank you so much for this deeply nurturing experience.


I can only feel grateful for having worked with Verónica. With her I learnt to give myself the permission to just be myself. In the process, I felt my emotional wellbeing and inner peace were a priority. She was very professional in the way she approached my pain, and that was key in my healing process. Once again, thank you for everything and for giving so much.


Veronica has such a beautiful energy, her experience and knowledge always help me find the right path and new insights about myself and my life. She is greatly intuitive and senses exactly what is going on and what type of healing is needed and the healing sessions are one of the most beautiful things you can experience! She always helps me feel better and I can feel my life is changing for the better!


I’ve been involved in the therapy and healing world for 40 years and would highly recommend Verónica. She has wonderful sensitivity, holds a safe space and is refreshingly flexible according to what the client needs.


The work I did with Vero was essential not only for accepting my flaws but for being proud of my body as a disabled woman. Gaining peace at seeing myself and releasing the fear of being rejected was truly reached with Vero´s unique way of helping. After a few sessions my motivation for embodying my identity and living my body was with me every day and still is nowadays. Vero walks her message of empowerment and freedom and I felt so blessed for encountering her.

Happy CustomerUK

Veronica's sessions have been very impactful for me. She was able to fundamentally shift the toxic relationship I had with a member of my family with just one intervention. Our relationship dynamic shifted significantly and permanently after only one session, which enabled me to better enjoy the presence of my family without feeling so drained afterwards. Her energy is very supportive, non-judgemental and loving and it's a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Veronica!



What are your qualifications and approach?

My sessions are a combination of various energy healing techniques, humanistic counselling, coaching and mentoring. I work with the persona as a whole, seeing the big picture of their soul evolution journey.

My sessions have a friendly, warm and empowering approach, you will feel understood, supported and taken care of.


I am a qualified advanced Theta Healing practitioner, a technique developed by Vianna Stibal and practised by thousands of people around the globe.

The ThetaHealing technique is a world-renowned healing method that was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health and after she healed from a 9-in tumor her leg.

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy – not specific to one religion but accepting them all – with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator. It is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. (Taken from the official Theta Healing site).

I am a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as ‘tapping’) Practitioner.

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a relatively new discovery based on ancient healing principals over 5,000 years ago, from the ancient Chinese Shoalin and Taoist monasteries.

The Eastern healing arts of acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu massage and reflexology, amongst others, were derived from the energy maps established by these early healers.

The EFT process also draws important influence, especially for deep emotional and psychological issues, from the many people who have contributed over the ages to the understanding of human psychology.

More recently, this amazing therapy owes much to the work of Dr George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology, and Dr Roger Callahan the founder of TFT Thought Field Therapy.

It was in the early ‘90s that one of Dr Callahan’s former students, the Gary Craig simplified the complicated TFT algorithms and made the process universally applicable for all. After stimulating the body’s well established energy meridian points by tapping on them with ones fingertips, mental, emotional and physical issues successfully clear away emotional debris in the form of blocks in the energy meridians. Thus EFT was born.

I am a certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

A new EFT technique to change your relationship to your past and dramatically transform your physical and emotional health in the present, developed by one of the only 29 EFT Masters worlwide.

We hold in our fields the stressful life events that have gone before, not just as memories but as specific energy bodies, which in Matrix Reimprinting are called Energy Consciousness Holograms or ECHOs. With the Matrix Reimprinting technique we can work directly with these ECHOs, resolving the negative energetic charge around them. This changes our relationship to our past, and affects our emotional and physical health in the present.

Some of the benefits of Matrix Reimprinting include;

  • Very easy to use and gentle on clients
  • Resolves traumatic memories often within minutes
  • Quickly finds core issues, related trauma and beliefs
  • Locates pre-conscious trauma (pre 6 years) often beyond clients awareness and conscious memory
  • Allows client driven reframes and cognitive shifts thus preventing therapist projection
  • Locates Psychological reversal , secondary gains etc
  • Fills the EFT void, creates positive beliefs
  • Successful with non visual clients or who have difficulty with imagination
  • Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained from past events
  • Sends a message to the body/cells/DNA the trauma is over
  • Resources the client and rewrites the past
  • Naturally utilises the law of attraction in a very powerful way

I am a qualified Shamanic Energy Healing practitioner by The Four Winds, a world leading energy healing school lead by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.

His unique teachings integrate the traditional healing practices of the Native American Shamans with the latest discoveries in neuroscience. The shamanic techniques allow the client to access deep healing, working on removing the imprints on the energy field that might be manifesting as negative experiences, toxic relationships or physical symptoms.

My guided visualisations are inspired by Shamanic Journeying techniques, and they will help you reduce stress, connect with inner parts of yourself, create vision boards and heal the soul at a very deep level.

I hold a 2 year Master’s Degree in Humanistic Integrative Counselling.

  • The humanistic approach looks at the person as a whole, and assumes that under the right circumstances, every person has the inner resources they need to develop and thrive.  The humanistic approach is focused on building a strong therapeutic relationship with the client to create a safe space to enable the client’s personal development. It’s not about diagnosing the client  with a ‘condition’ and telling them what to do. One of the main founders of this current was Carl Rogers.
  • ‘Integrative’ means that this approach uses a combination of different tools and psychological models depending on the clients’ needs. The main ones are:
    • Transactional Analysis (TA). It is a theory of personality and a system for personal growth and change founded by Eric Berne. As well as providing a theory of personality, TA offers a range of models that can be used to explain communication and relationships. These models can help identify what goes wrong in communication and how to interact for a better outcome. Many TA concepts are simple to learn and apply, making them very accessible and effective. For example the Ego States (Parent, Adult and Child), the Script, Drama Triangle and Psychological Games.
    • Gestalt by Fritz Perls. The focus is on self-awareness of what’s happening in the here and now. Increased awareness and understanding of the present, of one’s immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and of patterns of relating can bring about powerful change and new perspectives. One of the main techniques is the Empty Chair, which is designed to allow the client to work through conflict with someone ow within yourself.
    • Theory of Grief. (By José Zurita and Macarena Chía). Following this process which comprises 9 stages (Denial, racionalization, anger, fear, sadness, acceptance, frogiveness, gratitude and new attachments), the client is able to integrate an important loss (whether that’s losing a job, breaking-up with a partner, moving to a different country or losing a loved one).
    • Emotional management techniques. Repressed and blocked emotions remain in the body not only causing emotional discomfort but they can even show as physical symptoms if they are not released properly.  The client will learn to identify their emotions and express them in a healthy way.
    • Attachment Theory by John Bowlby. According to this theory, there are four types of attachment that are developed based on the relationship the person had as an infant with their main care giver: secure, avoidant, anxious and disorganised. This has an impact on how we build relationships as adults.


My study of the female cycle and feminine nature gives a unique approach to my sessions and content.

  • Understanding and embracing our feminine and cyclical nature is an essential part of personal development and empowerment for women. I  will show you that our cycle is not a burden but a gift that can be used as an incredibly powerful tool to optimise your performance, well-being and fulfillment.

I’m also qualified as a Coach by Barefoot Coaching London. I will give you personalised tools and exercises to do between sessions and whenever you need.

I will encourage you to take an active role in your personal development journey by doing the suggested exercises. They can include journaling, guided visualisations, things to add to your morning or night routine, and many other tools. As a Coach to a sportsman, I’m here to encourage you and support you on your journey so you make the most of your potential!


When we work together, I use a combination of the above techniques and resources, always personalised to your needs. Also, I bring my powerful intuition to the table, which is one of the most effective ways to spot hidden blocks and guide you in the right direction. Plus I have a very grounded, no-nonsense approach to spirituality – which can be hard to find these days!

How do I book my first session?

To assess if the Reclaim Your Power programme is the best option for you, please book a free DISCOVERY session here.

Once you decide which option is best for you (6 or 12 sessions) we will book our first session together and at the end of each session we will book our following one.

If you sign-up for the 12 session programme, you can choose a weekly slot that will be reserved for you for 3 months, ensuring availability for your sessions every week!

What does the programme include?

When you sign-up for the 3 month Reclaim Your Power healing coaching programme you can choose between two options:


– 6 sessions of 1hour each, with the option of of doing longer or shorter sessions in increments of 30 minutes (Sessions need to be used within 3 months).

– Personalised assignments after each session.

– Unlimited support for accountability and questions between sessions via Voxer messaging or email.


– 12 sessions of 1hour each with the option of of doing longer or shorter sessions in increments of 30 minutes. (Sessions need to be used within 3 months).

– Option to have the same weekly slot reserved for you for 3 months .

– Personalised assignments after each session.

– Unlimited support for accountability and questions between sessions via Voxer messaging or email.


If you have any other questions or are not sure about which option is better for you, please book a free discovery session here.

Can I book a one-off session?

Years of experience have shown me that the personal transformation and healing journey works better as a process and not one-off sessions.

If you really want to see results, you will  need at least a few sessions and to be active in the process (i.e. engaging with the suggested ‘homework’, changing some habits, etc.). That’s why I decided to offer my sessions in packages, because that’s the way you will achieve deeper transformation.

My clients who have got the best results are the ones who have committed to doing ongoing work on themselves, doing sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis and making the most of the support between sessions.

However, if you want to try a one-off session before you commit to a package, you can book a one-off 90minute session here.

Also, if funds are tight to invest in the 1:1 programme, you might want to check out my online programme: ‘Awakened Soul – Raise Your Frequency to Transform Your Reality’ which has my most advanced teachings and techniques in an affordable 6-week step-by-step easy to follow video programme!

How often do I need to have the sessions?

In my experience, it’s best to do weekly sessions to gain momentum and achieve deeper healing and transformation. That’s why the most powerful for of support I offer is the 12 session package, where you will have the option to have the same weekly slot reserved for you for 3 months.

You can also book sessions different days of the week and you can even do longer or shorter sessions in increments of 30 minutes. For example you might want to do deep-dive 90 minute sessions at the beginning and shorter follow-ups or less frequent sessions near the end.

This is totally flexible and will be customised  to your needs, I will suggest the schedule that would be optimal for you and we will review it as we go.

Same flexibility applies to the 6 session option – you can have longer/shorter sessions, spread out evenly throughout the 3 months or more concentrated at the beginning.

If you sign-up for the programme and feel like you need more sessions within the three months you can add top-up sessions as you go at a special rate. When you finish the 3-month programme, I will give you the option to continue working together on an ongoing monthly basis or with one-off sessions.

Please note that there is a 24hour cancellation policy for sessions booked. Sessions can be rescheduled if needed if given more than 24hour notice. No-shows or sessions cancelled with less than 24hour notice will count as sessions used.

How can I contact you between sessions?

The support I offer between sessions is really useful and the clients who have engaged with it have achieved the best results!

It is great for accountability, for the days you need extra ‘moral support’ or for any questions you might have between sessions.

You can contact me on email or Voxer.

Voxer is a ‘messenger’ app where we can message each other, share documents and send voice messages.

When you sign-up to the Step Into Your Power healing coaching programme you have unlimited support between sessions, but please note:

– I aim to reply within 24 hours during working hours Monday to Friday but there might be busier periods of time or due to time difference when this might take a bit longer.

– You are welcome to send a voice message if needed but please keep them to a couple of minutes maximum. If a question needs longer than 2 or 3 minutes to explain, please bring the question to our next session so it can be addressed properly with the attention it requires.


If you have any other questions please email me on or book a free discovery  session here.

Do you offer counselling/talking therapy?

Yes! I also offer traditional talking therapy – I am qualified as a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor.

This a more gentle approach which is great if you are looking for ongoing support for a longer period of time and you just want to come to the sessions and not engage with ‘homework’ or support between sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes each.

Please note that therapy is a longer term process and to see results you will need to be willing to do weekly sessions for a while – I normally suggest a minimum commitment of 12 weeks of weekly sessions. If you are interested in doing fewer sessions or having them less often, the 6 session option of my ‘Reclaim Your Power’ healing coaching programme would be a better option for you.

If you want to start therapy sessions please email me at with your preferred days/times and I will send you my available slots.