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Reclaim Your Power

& Create the Life YOU Truly Want to Live

It's time to finally do the deep healing and break free from the past so you can live your highest life. Let me show you how.

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Your Soul is calling to do great things...

But they are very different from what you have been told all your life and you feel like something is keeping you stuck.

The inner voice that says 'you are not good enough', 'don't be silly' or 'you can't do that' makes it very difficult to confidently go after your dreams, right?

Maybe your upbringing didn't allow your true self to flourish and you kept yourself small to keep others happy. Maybe you experienced pain or fear that are still present as self-doubts or negative self-talk not letting you move forward.

But you know it's time to elevate your life beyond your story and become the empowered, successful woman you were always meant to be.

Good news is... All you need to thrive is already inside you.

My job is to help you release what is no longer serving you and unleash your inner treasures so you can create the life you long for - full of love, joy and abundance and aligned with your Soul's Purpose.

If you feel ready to do the DEEP healing, the one that will bring you DEEP transformation, that's my specialty, so you landed in the perfect place!

Hi, I'm Verónica! I work with women on a self-development journey who feel ready to finally do the deep healing so they can live their highest life.

I can help you heal from the past and reclaim your power so you can confidently create the life you truly want to live.

I am a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Theta Healer, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life & Mindset Coach and Humanistic Integrative Counsellor.
My unique background combined with my powerful intuition will help you achieve deep healing and transformation, clearing the way so you can live your highest life.

It's time to live a life that feels authentic and aligned with your Soul, not the one that others expect you live.

Ready to step into your power?

Find out more about HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER

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Step Into Your Power with Confidence & Joy

Break free from the past, reclaim your power and live your highest life.

This is how we can work together:

Book a free discovery session here to know more about my 1:1 healing coaching.

If you prefer to do the inner work at your own pace, check out my online coursesAwaken Your Inner Power – The Feminine Way‘ and ‘Awakened Souls – Raise Your Frequency to Transform Your Reality‘ which will give you all the tools you need to break free from the conditioning of the past and create a life of joy and purpose.

I also have a lot of free content waiting for you! Sign-up for my free 7-day course ‘Step Into Your Power with Confidence & Joy’ or download my free ‘Meditation to Reclaim Your Power’. Check out my podcast ‘Empowered Souls’ or my Youtube channel with lots of guided healing meditations, talks and more!

What you can expect
when you work with me


All my content is based upon years of experience and training in different psychological models and energy healing techniques. I am an Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine with Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s world leading school. I’m also qualified as a Theta Healer,  Humanistic Integrative Counsellor and Personal and Corporate Coach. You can find out more about my approach here.


I will give you personalised tools and exercises to use between sessions and anytime you need them in the future. The tools I share are simple but powerful, and they will be tailored to your needs and circumstances. You will learn incredibly useful resources for your personal and spiritual development journey.


I know it’s not easy to talk about your life with someone you don’t know. Trust me I’ve had many therapists from different modalities, I know how you feel! I will make sure you feel comfortable, understood and taken care of. All my clients say they love my fresh and empowering energy, I’m here to motivate, and support through your soul evolution journey!


One of my main gifts is my intuition. This is one of the most powerful ways to spot hidden blocks and areas that need healing. My clients often say that I’m spot on with what I perceive from them and the suggestions I make! I combine my ability to perceive information energetically with a structured approach that will keep you grounded, accountable and focused on your goals, which I believe it’s a super powerful combo!