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I’m sure that at some point you’ve used one of these expressions:

I have the feeling that… Something inside me is telling me that… I knew it, I should have listened to my gut feeling… This just doesn’t feel right…

So what are those messages and how can you actively use them to make decisions?

Intuition is our built-in inner guidance system.

In a world of unlimited choices and sources of (most of them manipulated) information it can get very difficult to know what’s best for us.

I used to be all about logic and rational thinking but in my personal development journey I started to feel more and more connected to my inner guidance. For the last year or two I’ve been using my intuition to make decisions and been fascinated with the results.

Of course I’m not saying I don’t use rational thinking anymore, but both skills complement each other.

Let me share a recent example with you:

Last year I had a really strong feeling that I had to get out of central London.

My boyfriend and I were both working from home most of the time and we wanted to get something bigger and a bit closer to nature or at least a nice park.

We had a look at many areas and places and a voice inside of me kept telling me that we had to move to the Kingston area. “You will be happy there, you will thrive, you will be safe”.

But safe from what?!

For me, a city girl who thought Zone 2 was already too far from the centre, it didn’t make much sense. LOGICALLY.

But the feeling was too strong to ignore it and we decided to move there.

At the beginning, the city girl inside me hated the area, kept thinking that It didn’t make any sense to be there and was thinking already about where to move next…

And then a lock-down happened.

Everything I was missing from London (like restaurants, dance events, shops…) closed. The world changed completely.

So not only I wasn’t missing anything, I now have a huge place by the river where I can comfortably work from home and go kayaking from the garden any day I want. I’m surrounded by parks and the river.

If I hadn’t listened to my intuition I would be stuck in a tiny flat surrounded by concrete and radiation!

After a few experiences like this one, I don’t make any decisions without checking with my inner guidance first.

As women, we are said to have a gift – our magnetic nature makes us more likely to tune into information in an intuitive way.

Especially the days around our period, these skills heighten even more!

In ancient traditions, women used to retreat for a few days when they were on their periods. They would leave the house for a few days, and bleed together, rest and meditate. When we are connected with nature, the optimal state is to menstruate with the new moon, as the energies of both cycles match. Around those days, they would sit in contemplation with other women to get visions and information that they would later share with the tribe or village.

During menstruation the right and left hemispheres of the brain are more connected, heightening our intuitive and psychic skills.

This natural gift is a treasure. We would be crazy not to use it!

Although it is extremely powerful many people dismiss it as it can be tricky to identify what’s your intuition and what’s the mind talking.

Like everything, it is about practice.

These are 5 steps you can follow to start developing your intuition.

1.Remove your mind’s clutter.

Imagine you have received a job offer and you are not sure if you should accept it or stay where you are.

The first thing you need to do if you want to connect with your inner guidance is to remove the ‘noise’.

Stress, worries and constant thoughts are the worst enemy of intuition.

Meditate and sit in stillness regularly, spend some time just breathing without getting caught in your thoughts.

If you are too stressed or you feel overwhelmed by your emotions read this article before you start.

2.Go to a quiet room where you know you won’t be disturbed and turn off any notifications that might distract you.

Spend a few minutes focusing on your breath and let your thoughts come and go without getting caught in them.

Now think about that job offer and visualise yourself in your new role, in your new company, with your new colleagues.

How does that feel? Stay away from the logical thoughts for now, how does it feel?

Normally you will feel and expanding or contracting feeling in your chest and body.

If you have a feeling of expansion, lightness, joy, your heart opening… those are signs that something is good for you.

On the contrary, if you have a feeling of contraction, heaviness or tightness in the chest you might want to consider if that’s the best option for you.

In this video I have a short guided meditation to connect with your inner guidance, you can check it out here!

3.Practice is everything.

Practise every day and see what happens. Start with small things, like choosing a restaurant, deciding if you should go to a workshop or do a certain activity and see how that goes.

It can be tricky at the beginning and sometimes there isn’t a clear answer. It’s normal, we live in a world of hyper stimulation so it can be tricky to sit in stillness and listen inside.

Practice a few minutes every day and you will see results.

Beware of anything that feels like an urge, an anxious need to do something or something risky that goes against your well-being. That’s not your intuition, that’s very different. Your inner guidance will NEVER suggest doing something that sounds irresponsible or could put you in danger!

4.Much better in nature.

When we are in nature our auric field expands and we immediately feel better, more connected to ourselves and the earth. You don’t need to go to the middle of nowhere, go to your local park even if it’s a small one and sit down by a tree. Try step 2 here and see if you notice any difference.

5.Beware of expectations.

This is probably the most difficult thing to do. Many times we know that something is not good for us but for some reason we decide to do it anyway.

Imagine you feel that job is not good for you, but they will pay you more, so you will be expecting your inner guidance to tell you that you should go for it.

Detach from the outcome and don’t expect a certain answer.

Approach it with an open mind and no expectations to make sure it’s your inner guidance talking.


I hope that was useful!


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