Healing Meditation to Reclaim Your Power

Here is your meditation to reclaim your power!

I’m so happy you have requested it because this is not an average meditation, it is based on powerful energy healing techniques that will help you shift the blocks and self-doubts and upgrade your system to more empowering ways of being. It includes the download of over 50 affirmations to activate your inner power!

Make sure you’re in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed when you listen to it and, if possible, allow some time after the meditation to relax and integrate the shifts and to write down any insights.

Many people have told me how after doing one of my healing meditations they have experienced a big clearing or shift and this is one of the most powerful ones I have recorded so far!

So get a ready for a powerful shift towards confidence, self-belief and empowerment so you can start creating the life of joy and purpose you came here to live.

If you liked this meditation, I have many more in my Youtube Channel and my podcast Empowered Souls.

I would love to hear about your experience with this healing meditation so please do reach out and let me know how it went!

With love and light,