Reclaim Your Power - 5 Day Immersion

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Welcome & Intention Setting

1. The Empower Method

2. Where do you leak your power?

3. Fire Ceremony

4. Group Energy Healing

5. Unlock Your Higher Guidance

At the beginning of the immersion I promised I had another gift for you…and here it is!
A juicy 20% off of my 1:1 healing coaching programme Step Into Your Power!
This programme is designed to help you break free from the past and reignite your confidence so you can create the life of joy and purpose you came here to live.
How will we do this? You guessed correctly, we will follow the EMPOWERED METHOD I shared in day 1!
Step 1 – Self- Discovery to gain awareness.
Step 2 – Heal the inner child and break free from the past.
Step 3 – Reprogram the subconscious mind to develop an empowering mindset.
Step 4 – Raise your self- confidence and reclaim your power.
Step 5 – Cultivate self-love and embody your true self.
Step 6 – Develop your intuition to access your Higher Guidance.
Step Into Your Power is a 3 month programme that includes:
  • 12 x 1:1 1hour long sessions, totally personalised to your needs.
  • After each session you receive a summary with key takeaways/actions and personalised tools to use between sessions.
  • You will have my support between sessions, great for accountability, moral support or to answer your questions. Via Voxer messenger or email.
I’m sure this week has moved things for you – new insights, maybe a new perspective, a sense of relief or a boost in your confidence.
Imagine what potentials could open for you if you did the inner work with this level of 1:1 support for 3 months??
This discount applies to the 12 session programme and it will only be available until Sunday midnight (and only for women who have participated in this immersion, so you won’t see it anywhere in my website or social media!).
The normal investment is £890 or 3 payments of £330, but with this offer you get 12 sessions plus all the extra support for £712 or 3 payments of £266. Which, for the quality of the healing coaching and the level of support you will receive it is a bargain!
All the information is in this link:
Just use the code: IRECLAIMMYPOWER at checkout.
I know it might be scary to take the leap or you might feel called to do it but resistance is showing up. This level of inner work is for the brave ones, not everyone is ready for this!
If you feel like it is the time for you to free yourself from the past and live your highest life but you have questions about the programme, please book a no obligation free discovery session here and let’s find out if step Into Your Power is the best option for you!