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I firmly believe that everyone can live a fulfilling life full of success and joy. It is very common to not even know where to start, but it is just a matter of having the right tools and being open to change.

It is about making decisions that are aligned with your true self.

This can be hard because we fear change. It’s human nature. We prefer to stick to what’s familiar, even though it might be painful.

But once you realise that you are the only one responsible for your happiness, it’s liberating.

It’s empowering.

Because you know you have the power to make decisions that will bring you joy and success, regardless of what might be happening in the world or how others might behave.

When you make the conscious decision to discover your true self, embrace it and honour it with your actions… That is true power and pure joy.

By working with many clients and spending many years on my own personal development, I realised that there are 5 things that everyone needs to work on.

5 key steps to unleash your potential and have a truly fulfilled life:

1.Getting clarity about what you want to manifest.

It might sound too simple or too obvious but this step is one of the most important ones.

Many people go through a process which starts by knowing what they DON’T want but having NO IDEA about what they DO want.

It’s easier to know what we don’t want than what we do want.

It’s easier to know that we don’t want to continue with a relationship, or that we want to quit our job, or that some habits are not serving our highest interest.

But most of the time, what keeps us stuck in those situations is  that we don’t know what we want instead.

If we don’t have a goal in mind…how are we even going to consider how to get there? How are we going to manifest a new life if we don’t know what it looks like?

This article will give some ideas to get clarity if you are stuck in this step.

2.Healing the inner child.

We all have an inner child inside ourselves.

The inner child is creative, playful, innocent and joyful.

But very likely, that child was hurt at some point in the past.

The experiences and challenges we face in life shape our behaviour and mindset as adults.

We all have had some unpleasant experiences that maybe we didn’t resolve or integrate at the time.

As kids, we learn to protect ourselves, to survive and sometimes we do it by ‘installing’ beliefs in our mind.

Although they might have had a purpose in the past (normally protect ourselves from suffering, failing or going through a potential painful experience), they can become limiting.

To make the most of our potential, we need to revise these beliefs and assess which ones are no  longer serving us and update them with empowering self-messages.

In this article I suggest some exercises to identify and get rid of limiting beliefs.

3.Letting go of what you no longer need.

We all have unresolved life chapters that at some point prevent us from growing or succeeding.

It’s common to get stuck in old relationships that don’t allow us to enjoy the new ones. Or maybe we are attached to a past job or house and we never really moved on.

It is like having stale food in the fridge. Not only it’s no longer edible, it takes space that we could be using for new fresh food.

It is key to identify these experiences, relationships or even parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us and say good-bye.

This article includes some exercises to let go of what we no longer need.

4.Learning to connect with your inner power.

We tend to forget, but we have all the resources we need within ourselves!

Our inner wisdom is always available for us. Same as we have an inner critic (which tends to be very loud), we have an empowered, wise and compassionate woman who knows what to do, what’s best for us and what our priorities are.

In this article I share some simple steps to connect with your inner power.

5.Understanding and embracing the female cycle.

Women have a cyclical nature that is not only not openly discussed, but it’s kind of a taboo.

Everything related to the female cycle, menstruation, feminine energy or intuition has been repressed, ignored, hidden and sometimes even ridiculed.

But the truth is that when we embrace our femininity and flow with our cycle, life becomes much easier and enjoyable. The problem is that we were never taught how to do it!

This is one of the main topics I cover in my coaching programs because I think is vital for women to understand and embrace their uniqueness if we want to feel truly fulfilled and empowered.

In this article I explain how to use the female cycle to optimise performance, well-being and fulfillment.



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