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If you have landed in this article, very likely you need to hear this:

It is totally possible to have a career where you feel fulfilled, content, excited  and make a positive impact in others.

I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped others find their purpose and turn it into a successful and meaningful career.

Beware of unrealistic expectations though.

Have you ever heard this quote?

‘Find work you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

I completely disagree with that statement.

I see the point, working on something you love is way more enjoyable, and sometimes it might feel like you are not working.

But thinking you can have a job where you will have fun every minute of every day is not realistic, and it can lead to frustration.

There will always be bad days. Tough moments. Boring tasks.

Having a fulfilling career is not about having fun every day, it is about the big picture:

Do I believe in what I’m doing?

Does it have a positive impact on anyone else?

Does it allow me to develop my potential?

Do I enjoy most of the time?

Do I have a sense of purpose?

Do I look forward to the upcoming projects?

If I didn’t need the money, would I be doing something similar?

If the answer is no to most of those questions, then it might be time to consider a career change.

One of the main stoppers that keep people stuck in jobs they hate is this limiting belief:

You have two options: Make money and hate your Monday mornings for the rest of your life or do something you love and struggle to pay the bills.

That was a limiting belief of mine I had to battle with for years! It is not true AT ALL.

We tend to think that an ‘office job’ is the only way to be financially stable. So we have to sacrifice our purpose, what we really want to do to get a mortgage.

It takes courage to follow your passion, and it takes effort to build a successful career based on what you enjoy, there’s no doubt about it.

But trust me, it is totally possible to have a career (whether that’s a job, a business or a portfolio career) that makes you feel fulfilled and it’s aligned with your values.

Not to mention that it is much easier to succeed and become an expert on something you truly enjoy and have a natural talent for.

So if you have the feeling that what you’re doing feels dull, meaningless and there is an inner voice telling you that you should be doing something else, maybe it’s time to make your career change a priority.

This is why:

1.You will be happier, more fulfilled and have a sense of purpose.

We spend so much time at work. We dedicate most of our waking time to our career. It would be crazy to spend it doing something you hate!

Everyone has a talent to share with the world. Some people thrive in analytical tasks, others are more creative. Some people thrive working alone in research projects while other people do their best when they interact with others.

Understanding your strengths and what you’re passionate about and building a career around it is the key to fulfillment.

It will make the difference between living your life counting the days to your next holidays or having a sense of fulfillment and joy most of the year.

Not to mention that when you have an impact on someone else or someone else feels truly rewarding. It gives you energy.

No matter how tired I am before a coaching session, I always finish with a boost of energy. I enjoy coaching my clients so much that not only it doesn’t make me tired, it lifts up my energy!

Knowing that I’ve helped someone, even if it was something small, gives me motivation to keep me going.

That motivation is what makes me not give up when the bad days come.

Some days are not great, and I have to deal with many admin tasks I hate.

But when I go to bed I know that this is what I’m meant to do, and that gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment that I never had when I worked in management consulting, as an example.

2.You will be way more successful at something you love than at something you do just for money.

If you think that by changing your career to something you love you will have to say bye to a high income,  that assumption is wrong.

Of course it will take time and effort to transition. But think of the long term.

In the long run, there’s no doubt there is potential for you to be way more successful if you do something you are passionate about.

When you work on something love, you care about the details, you are way more motivated to do a better job, you naturally want to learn more and take on new challenges.

It’s much easier to excel when you have a natural talent for a type of job.

I’ve met so many people who work in an office doing the minimum so they don’t get fired. They don’t care if they make mistakes, they just complete the task automatically, sometimes even without understanding why they have to do it.

They are completely disengaged from the work they do, so they have no motivation to improve, no creativity, no questions.

If you are doing well in a job you don’t care about, imagine how successful you would be working on something that you love and you’re naturally good at!

3. Being aligned with your values is true happiness.

One of the main sources of frustration is when we live our life in a way that is not aligned with our values and our definition of success.

Have you ever felt like you are in a job that has nothing to do with who you are? Or that you have nothing in common with your colleagues? Or that if you won the lottery you would disappear and never come back to the office?

Maybe you were told you had to find a job in a big company. Maybe you were told you were good at something years ago and you’re following that path. Maybe you are doing what everyone else in the family did or what your friends did after high school.

But we change. Life changes. It is great to have input from your family and friends, but it should be that –  just input.

The only person who knows what job will make you happy is you.

So understanding your values and your definition of success is the first step when deciding what you want to do in your career.

Once you start making decisions aligned with who really are, you will see that your career can not only bring money but also be a source of joy and fulfillment.


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