Online Workshop | Finding Purpose & Career Motivation



Join me in this 2h workshop to discover your purpose and gain the confidence and motivation to turn it into a meaningful and successful career.


I know 2020 has been a TOUGH year.

Many people have lost their jobs, had to close their businesses or are under high levels of stress due to uncertainty and career frustration.

But let me tell you that from the most difficult situations, arise the best opportunities for change and growth!

I know you might feel completely demotivated and frustrated to believe that, but trust me, it is totally possible to find work you love and turn your career into a source of fulfillment and happiness.

You are here for much more than that 9-5 office job you despise but keep only to pay the bills, and that’s why I’m holding this workshop!

If you’ve been feeling like you desperately need a change in your career direction or have been made redundant but have no idea where to start, this workshop is perfect for you!

I have the tools you need so you can find your passion and purpose and enjoy your career like you’ve never done before.

In this 2h workshop, you will discover:

– The impact that doing work you love has on your well-being, happiness and fullfilment.

– Your stregnths, natural talents and unique skills.

– What your ideal career looks like.

– How to transform your passion into a meaningful and successful career.

– How to connect with your higher self and intuition for guidance in your career decisions.

– How to deal with uncertainty and fear in times of crisis.

– How to keep confidence and motivation in your career path.

Expect a mix of explanations, tips, practical exercises (so please bring pen and paper) and guided visualisations!

After attending this workshop, you will:

– Feel motivated about your career and see it with a new and fresh perspective.

– Get a real career confidence boost, being crystal clear about your skills and talents.

– Gain clarity around your purpose and career goals.

– Know what your next career steps are.

– Feel confident about your career path, knowing you have the resources to deal with uncertainty, crisis or challenging times.

– Experience your career as a source of fulfillment instead of ‘a boring job to pay the bills’.

– Feel connected with your higher self and purpose.

I want the workshop to be interactive so there will be time to share your thoughts, ask questions and interact with other attendees. If you’re feeling shy, don’t worry, you can also attend in listener-only mode without even turning your camera on. (Although I would recommend you participate so you can enjoy the full experience!)

This is what other women are saying about my workshops:

“The Workshop was beautifully led by Veronica, who speaks so passionately about the topic. You can’t help but feel empowered and ready to reframe certain ways of thinking! The guided meditations were so lovely. I can’t recommend Veronica and her work highly enough!”

“Your webinar was brilliant. Just what I needed at this stage in my life. A lot of thought-provoking questions and I loved the follow-up action points.”

“Great webinar and perfect timing for it! In a difficult situation it’s not easy to think about the future. But there are solutions for that and this webinar gave them to me.”

“For any woman looking to understand and reconnect to her personal power, I definitely recommend Verónica’s workshop! Her good vibes are contagious and made it a safe environment to share our aspirations.”

About the facilitator – Verónica Moreno:

Hi! I’m a qualified Life & Career Coach and Therapist and I’m on a mission to help women achieve fulfillment by mastering their self-confidence and connecting with their inner power.

I know career is a very important topic when it comes to fullfilment and this workshop will give you the tools you need to fall in love with your career.

I left a successful career in banking to become a Coach because my working days felt empty and meaningless. I know it’s possible to have a career you love and your career can be a source of meaning, happiness and satisfaction.

I combine my deep understanding of the mindset and beliefs system, selected and proven tools and techniques that are simple but extremely powerful and my years of experience as a life & career coach. I deliver all my workshops and sessions with a friendly, energetic and empowering approach.

You will feel completely different after this workshop, I promise!


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