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Self-love: Why It Is so Important and Steps to Love, Honour and Celebrate Yourself More

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This episode is all about self-love, how to love, honour and celebrate yourself, what a beautiful and important topic!

In this episode I will be covering:

– What self-love is and what is not.

– Why it is so important.

– Steps to practice self-love, celebrate and honour yourself more.







This episode is all about self-love, how to love, honour and celebrate yourself, what a beautiful and important topic!

In this episode I will be covering:

  • What self-love is and what is not.
  • Why it is so important.
  • Steps to practice self-love, celebrate and honour yourself more.


Before we start with the details, let me ask you a couple of questions for self-reflection.

Think of the person you love the most in the world. In a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love them? I’m sure the answer was 10, 20, to the moon and back!

Now in scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love yourself? I’m sure for most people the answer was very different. I doubt many people said the same number for both questions. That’s why this episode is so important.

Do you treat yourself like you treat your loved ones? Think how you treat them when they have a bad day, when they make a mistake. Do you treat yourself the same way when you make a mistake?



  • It is not about loving yourself when you achieve something, it is about showing unconditional love to yourself. It is very easy to show appreciation when things are going well, but we also need to love ourselves when we have a bad day.
  • Self-love is not being selfish, self-love is about healthy boundaries. We can’t go to the other extreme and be all ‘me, me, me’, but especially women struggle with setting boundaries because we have the belief that if we say no, that if we are not available for everyone we are not a good person.
  • Self-love is not about ego, it is about showing appreciation and valuing ourselves. Some people think that if they feel proud of something they achieve or they believe in themselves or show confidence will come across as arrogant, but far from the truth. We should keep humble, but being able to recognise and celebrate our strengths, our qualities, our journey.
  • Self-love is not feeling sorry for ourselves, it is about showing a loving approach to self-development. Some people see self-love as a weakness as a way to justify lack of success. But self-love doesn’t come from a victim perspective as in oh I’m so unlucky, there is nothing I can do, I’m gonna feel sorry for myself and do nothing about it. Not at all, if anything is the opposite. Self-love comes from standing in our power, but it is about approaching our self-development journey with compassion, with kindness, respecting our pace, understanding that we can’t be pushing ourselves all the time. It is not about settling for whatever life throw at us like we are a victim, but if we push ourselves too much we can become our worst enemy.



Because the way people treat us is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. So if you want people to respect you, you need to respect yourself first. If you want people to value you , you need to value yourself first. If you want your partner to treat you like a queen you need to believe that you deserve to be treated like a queen!

This links with self-confidence, some people are really confident, they enter a room and they have this also of confidence, everyone admires them, but this only happens because they project that confidence.

If you make yourself small, you don’t value yourself, you don’t know your self-worth, people won’t even see you!

So the way people treat you is directly correlated to the beliefs you have about yourself and how you treat yourself.

If you tend to find yourself in situations where people don’t treat you well, don’t respect your needs, or you don’t feel valued at work… ask yourself how do I treat myself? Do I respect my needs? Do I believe in me in the work I do, in my skills in my talents? Because if you don’t, no one will!



  1. Give yourself permission to love yourself, to set boundaries, to prioritise your needs. When I work 1:1 with my clients I always remind them that they have the right to take care of themselves, that setting boundaries is not selfish. But ultimately, no matter how many times I tell you in this podcast or a 1:1 session that it is OK to show yourself love, YOU need to give yourself permission.
  2. Review your beliefs about yourself and self-love. Because maybe you are trying to love yourself more and want to give yourself the permission to do it but there is resistance. If this happens, there might be some beliefs or programs that are clashing with the idea of loving yourself unconditionally. Those beliefs could sound like ‘I am not worthy of love’, ‘I don’t deserve to love myself’, ‘I must prioritise other people’s needs to be loved’, ‘If I stand up for myself people won’t like it’ etc. Episode number 3 has everything you need to know about clearing old beliefs and it even has an exercise to bring unconscious beliefs to the awareness.
  3. Add self-love moments to your daily routine. It can be hugging yourself, reminding yourself of your skills, your superpowers. It can be looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself I love you, you are a wonderful woman. Practice makes perfect and like everything else, you might want to practise and put some self-love time in your diary until it becomes a habit and you don’t need to think about it.
  4. Understand and honour your needs. We take on a lot of commitments just because we are so used to being busy and sometimes because we don’t know how to say no. How many times you’ve been invited to an event you didn’t want to go to, or you were really tired, or you had other priorities but you went because it was ‘the right thing to do’. First of all you need to understand your needs, your priorities. There is an episode on finding clarity. Once you are clear on your needs, honour them. If you need to have a bath to disconnect, do it. If you need to do exercise, or spend time cooking healthy food, to improve your health. If you have to say no to some social events because you need to rest or your studying, do it.


So I hope you have a different idea about what self-love is, I hope this episode has given you a bit of encouragement to give yourself permission to love yourself more, to treat yourself with the love, compassion and kindness you deserve and to celebrate yourself, for no reason in particular, just for being you!!

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