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Female Cycle: How It Impacts Our Mindset and How to Use It as Tool to Optimise Your Wellbeing, Performance and Happiness

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This episode is about the female cycle, how it can impact our mindset and you can use it as a tool to optimise your wellbeing, performance and happiness. This information is gold! Learning about the female cycle and how to honour and embrace it was a game changer for me, so this episode is a very special one!

I covered:

  • What happens during the female cycle and how this impacts our mindset.
  • Different energies during the female cycle.
  • Letting go of programming and taboos about all things period related.
  • How to use the female cycle as a tool to optimise well-being, performance and fulfilment.
  • How to honour and embrace your femininity and cyclical nature


This is the course I mention in the episode.




Hello and welcome to another episode of The Positive Mindset Tribe!

This one is especially for the lovely ladies who follow this podcast as I’m going to be covering the female cycle, the effects it can have on our mindset and how when you flow with it you will be able to use it as a tool to optimise your wellbeing, performance and happiness instead of seeing it as a burden. Not many people talk about this, and when I studied it in detail and started to apply the tips I will share with you in this episode, it was a game changer for me, it completely changed the way I see myself as a woman, from hating my period and my cycle to being able to flow with it and enjoy and embrace the different energies, the richness of our cyclical essence.

Now, if you are a man, don’t think that this episode doesn’t apply to you, because this is going to help you understand your partner, your sister or your female colleagues at work much better and this is going to be super useful for you.

Also, for the ladies who no longer menstruate and have become super wise women, I will also be sharing some things for you, so don’t skip this episode.

So in this episode I will be covering.

  • What happens during the female cycle and how this impacts our mindset.
  • Different energies during the female cycle.
  • Letting go of programming and taboos about all things period related.
  • How to use the female cycle as a tool to optimise well-being, performance and fulfilment.
  • How to honour and embrace your femininity and cyclical nature


Before we start, let me give you a bit of context and how I came to study this topic. I have always had the feeling that being a woman was a burden. Period every month, with the inconvenience of bleeding, the pain, mood swings, PMS. I thought this was so unfair, and I think especially because I started my career in consulting and banking where the feminine is not honoured, not valued, not even acknowledged, I was very frustrated and always going against my nature. I took the pill for many years not knowing the harm I was doing to myself.

And then as I was going deeper in my healing journey, removing the layers, getting to know myself, healing the trauma I came across very interesting information about the female cycle for example what ACTUALLY happens during the cycle. What happens when we take the pill and we replace our natural hormones with synthetic hormones. How ancient traditions used to honour the feminine, the moon lodges. I just found this fascinating. So today I want to share with you a summary of all I have learnt during the years and some practical tips so you can shift from seeing your cycle as a burden to see it as a super rich and smart built in system, which when you tune into it and flow with it, you will LOVE being a woman.

So first things first, what actually happens during our cycle?

There are two major events in a woman’s cycle – menstruation and ovulation. These two events divide your cycle in two phases, which we could call expansive and contractive.

Our energies change during these events and these phases.

Menstruation, normally feel like retrieving, more tired.

After menstruation – surge of energy, estrogen rising, so super confident, like trying out new things.

Ovulation is like the peak, so maximum energy around these days.

Before period, estrogen levels decrease so we might not have that much energy, we feel more critical, we start to go within until we get to that final moment of introspection when we get our period.

Now, what’s the problem? That everyone loves the expansive phase, when we are super women and have a lot of energy, capacity to plan to be super efficient. But the contractive part…we don’t like it so much. But ladies, this is the most magical part of our cycle because our intuition is heightened. That 6th sense, the gut feeling, your intuitive abilities will be at its peak.

The problem is that society values the doing doing doing but not the being, not the intuitive skills, so we feel like we need to fight our nature, that we need to drink extra coffee to continue men’s rhythm. This is such a big mistake, which leads to frustration, and of course PMS. PMS my loves is the way your body has to tell you, to scream out loud that you are not honouring your essence.

When we take the pill, we are replacing our natural hormones with synthetic hormones, I know this is going to sound hard, but the pill is like chemical castration. I read this in a wonderful book by Lara Briden and it’s so true, if you are taking a medication that prevents you from ovulating, it is like been chemically castrated, you are not letting your body do what nature designed it to do. This is a crime. And I wish someone had told me about this when I started taking the pill because if I had known about this I wouldn’t have taken it in the first place, but I had no idea what I was actually doing to my poor body!

So we fight our nature with medication, with our habit, with our lifestyle… and then we get surprised that we are burnt out, frustrated, unfulfilled, depressed, stressed, of course we are and we will still be until we stop and live aligned with our cyclical nature!



Now, I know this is easier said than done, and I can hear you asking how am I supposed to know what to do?

I will share some tips with you and if you want more detail I made an online course to teach all about the female cycle and it even has specific meditations to do during different times of the month which you can find in my website and I will share a link in the show notes.

  1. First of all review and ditch all the old beliefs and programming about the female cycle, about being a woman. There will be lots of individual and collective programs about the feminine that you might want to let go of, go to episode 3 all about limiting beliefs. Join a women’s circle, surround yourself with women who honour their essence, do some therapy to clear this, whatever works for you. And this, my wise after menopause ladies apply to you as well. Because in the ancient traditions, they used to respect and honour the feminine, both men and women. They understood that we are both powerful in different ways. And women, after the menopause, become super wise, intuitive they can develop clairvoyant abilities much easier because their energy is not on giving, creating, nursing anymore, all that energy goes within. And I feel very sad when I work with women going through menopause or after menopause and they feel that they have lost their desire, they are on hormonal therapy suffering a lot of symptoms, feeling like life is just about getting old now, but this is actually such a magical time for women. And in ancient traidtions especially, nature based traditions like shamanism, they knew this. And old women would be kind of like the oracles, the ones who would make important decisions because they had the ability to see, to perceive what is right and what is wrong. But in this day and age, anything that makes the people powerful, anything that is natural, healthy seems to want to be destroyed.

So my invitation for you to day is to spend some time on reflecting about yourself, your beliefs about the feminine, about menopause, about periods, about how you feel about being a woman and see if there are any ideas that are no longer serving you.

  1. Get to know your body. Charting is a very useful tool – you record your energy levels, your mood, how you feel, every day for a few cycles and see if you notice any patterns
  2. Flow with what your body is asking you to do! Embrace that rich, changeable nature and make the most of it, use it in your favour instead of fighting the current!

To give you some ideas, I’m going to share how my body, my mind, my emotions normally change with my cycle, some things are common to most women, so we follow some similar tendencies because our body goes through the same cycle, but is is true that different women experience their cycles in very different ways.

For example as we approach our period, it is more common among women to feel tired. But for me, the day before my period I feel super tired, a different type of tiredness, very deep, not only muscular but I feel slow, I need a lot of sleep. But I was talking to a client one day and she said that the day before her period she feels like a random peak of energy and that’s how she knows that her period is about to come. So even though our body is doing something very similar we react in a different way.

So I’m going to share some ideas here, but please note that the most important thing is that you get to know YOUR body, your rhythm and see what works for YOU.

  • During my period days I normally feel more tired so I avoid intense physical activity. I attend my appointments but anything else especially the day I get my period, I cancel. Because your body is supposed to rest. And I have experienced how if I honour my body and I take a deep rest while I’m getting my period, I have way more energy the rest of the month.

My intuitive skills are heightened so I try to meditate more, follow my intuition, go within, I feel like I can shed physically as I bleed and emotionally the old what is no longer serving me, so I try to be aware of what I want to let go of in each cycle. Moon lodges.

  • After my period, estrogen rising, I have so much energy. So much that I need to channel it properly cause I can get too much in my head and get caught in the monkey mind. New activities, workshops, physical exercise. Soacialising. Planning and getting things done.
  • Week before my period. I notice my energy starting to decrease so my workout s are not as intense. A very distinctive characteristic of this part of the cycle is that we become super critical. It’s like our body is preparing to get rid of what we no longer need. I normally feel like cleaning, I can’t stand seeing something dirty. So it’s like as we approach the sacred moment that menstruation is, instinctively, we want to sort out our lives. This can be super useful, so around that time for me it’s like year end, I review what is not working of my life. The problem with this phase is that we tend to direct the critical energy towards ourselves and we feel SO BAD! Here is when PMS kicks in. But I promise that if you start to see this phase as something you can benefit from instead of as a burden, you won’t have PMS (obv assuming no health conditions). This is probably the most challenging phase of the cycle for women, so It might take some time to be able to flow with it and embrace it, but give it a try and see how it goes!

I know that was a lot of info, there is so much to say about this topic, like I said I even made a whole course on this called Awaken Your Inner Power – The Feminine way, which I will share in the description of the show.

Some ideas to recap:

  • Women have a cyclical nature that needs to be honoured and embraced because this is how nature made us!
  • Our energies change during our cycle and during our life, and we might feel, think and behave differently during different phases of the cycle, and this is fine.
  • When we fight our natural rhythm, the body resists, and we can feel frustrated, exhausted, and even develop physical symptoms
  • When we flow with our cycle, when listen to our bodies and respect our needs, everything else flows, everything feels easier, and you can tap into the richness of our cyclical nature and use it to optimise your well-being, performance and happiness.
  • The way to do this is by reviewing your beliefs about femininity, getting to know yourself and honour and celebrate yourself as a woman. Start today!



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