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Our ‘shadow parts’ is a very common term for the old stories we hold onto, negative experiences we didn’t heal or process properly, karmic imprints…

They manifest as negative patterns, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and behaviours that stop us from reaching our highest potential and enjoying a joyful and fulfilling life.

Shadow work means becoming aware of those imprints, releasing them so they no longer affect us and integrating the wisdom that comes from them.

How can we do this?

First of all, we need to bring awareness to the shadow and identify those parts of ourselves that are ‘hidden’ in our subconscious. Beliefs we didn’t realise we had, behaviours we are not aware of…

A great place to start is asking yourself: What do I find extremely annoying in others? What triggers me the most? Normally what we see in others, it’s already within us, we just don’t see it in ourselves but project it onto others….

It can be tricky to identify our shadow parts, so it is advisable to go through this process with a professional. It is very difficult to do shadow work on your own as you will very likely need a therapist or healer that can take you on deep journeys to access your subconscious and that can help you heal and integrate the imprints that originated the ‘shadow parts’.

Also, shadow work can trigger strong emotional reactions and you will want to be supported by someone who can create a safe space for you and guide you through the process.

When you identify the ‘shadow parts’ and release the old stories, clear the karmic imprints and let go of the old chapters that are no longer serving us you will feel liberated and empowered.

So I invite you to start going within, step by step and at your own pace as bringing light to your shadow parts is one of the most beautiful things you will do in your entire life!

I will be sharing many more details about how to do shadow work in my upcoming FREE workshop series: ‘Bringing light into the shadow self’

The workshops will include explanations, practical exercises, shamanic journeys (a type ofguided visualisation) and ceremonies to help you embrace your shadow parts and turn them into light.

Part 1: Embracing our Shadow. Sunday 23rd of January, 6pm UK time

Part 2: Forgiveness and letting go. Wednesday 26th of January, 7pm UK time

Part 3: Finding the light in the shadow. Sunday 30th of January, 6pm UK time

The workshops will be recorded so you will be able to do the visualisations any time you need. If you can’t make the live sessions, you can do them at your own pace.

You can join each session without having done the previous one, but it will be WAY MORE POWERFUL if you do it as a 3-part process.

Register here if you feel called to do this work! 🙂


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