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Looking for inspiration to add to your daily routine for vibrant health and spiritual development?

Over the last few years I have made my health and spiritual development my number one priority.

I have studied and tested many different techniques from different esoteric traditions. I have tried different approaches to my diet and tested a huge number of supplements. I am always learning about anything that can improve my health and self-development.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation within the spiritual and New Age communities, so it can be difficult to know what works.

In this article, I want to share with you the elements of my daily routine that have had the biggest impact in my self-development, hoping you will find some inspiration and ideas for your own journey!


The first thing you need to look at if you’re serious about your health and self-development is what you eat.

If you want to raise your frequency, your body will need to be as clean as possible.

Without going into too many details, my recommendation is to eat as much organic, unprocessed, natural food as possible.

I’m not a fan of following only one type of diet. Some people over-identify with one type of diet (vegan/paleo/raw/primal etc.) and follow the rules strictly, but I believe one rule doesn’t fit all.

In my experience, a plant-based food diet and regular fasting (whether that’s intermittent fasting, one day a week or longer periods) is great to raise your consciousness and spiritual development. I did a for a few years and it helped me enormously. My body felt very clean and I did notice an improvement in my meditation and even in my sensitivity to perceive energy, which was very important for me being an energy healer.

But during some winters or intense periods of work or physical activity, my body works better consuming animal products.

Your needs and your body will change with time, and you should adjust your diet accordingly.

My approach is to be in tune with my body and listen to what it needs. Learn to listen to your body and see what foods make feel full of energy and radiant.

On these topics, I recommend the following books:

Not Dark Yet – The metaphysics of the end times.

Power up your brain – The neuroscience of enlightenment.

Some people argue that with a healthy diet you wouldn’t need to take any supplements.

But unfortunately, these days the soil is so depleted from essential nutrients, and food (even when labelled organic) can have chemicals or toxins harmful for the body, that some supplements are needed if you want your body to function optimally.

I have tried a good number of supplements over the years, the ones I’m sharing here are the ones that have had the biggest impact on my health:

  • Parasite tincture: I take it on and off in cycles of a few weeks and every time I do it (especially the first time) I have noticed my energy levels increase and my mental clarity improve.
  • Schindele’s Minerals: It is a source of vital minerals and rare elements no longer available from our diets PLUS it protects the body from radiation, which is one the main reasons I use it.
  • Nature’s Living Superfood: a green alkalising whole food supplement derived from a comprehensive blend of whole foods, including alkalising land and sea vegetables, micro-algae, enzymes and bacterial cultures. I combine it with the Legendary Colloidal Minerals for optimal results. My body is loving this combination. I feel more energised and I don’t have as many cravings as my body is getting all the nutrients it needs.
  • Golden Age Remedies Tonics for different purposes. These high quality tonics use different herbal blends chosen not only for their chemical virtues but also their hidden vibrational signatures and subtle energetic effects. My favourite ones: Mineral and Tissue Salt Elixir, Female Tonic and Thieves Immunity Tonic for the winter. Have a bottle of Herbal Antidote no 49 in your cupboard and have it if you start feeling sick.
  • Bone broths. I’m loving these broths are they super easy to take (just add a table spoon to hot water) and feel so rich in nutrients and nourishing to the body. Ideal for the winter and to stock-up in case of food shortages.



  • Silent meditation. The benefits of meditation are very well known, so I won’t go into many details here, but I can say that it is a vital practice for me as it helps me improve my concentration, stay focused, avoid getting caught in my thoughts and get good quality sleep. I am enjoying practising the silent meditation as described in the book The Royal Seal Of Mahamudra. This book has also help me understand more about the nature of the mind and karma.
  • This meditation technique is an absolute must in my daily routine, if I skip it I notice I can easily get distracted and be knocked out of balance. Not to mention that it is essential to be protected against psychic attacks. You can find it in the book Not Dark Yet mentioned above or in this link, as the author generously gave me permission to reproduce the instruction in this blog post.
  • When stressed, agitated, triggered or emotionally imbalance, check out the Qi Gong technique: Fusion of 5 Elements. I use the one in this website, which has many free Qi Gong resources.
  • The 5 Tibetan Rites are also a great technique especially if you are struggling with low energy levels. I use the intructions for the modified rites in the book Your Hands Can Heal You, but you can also search for an article or video that explains how to perform these exercises.
  • I recently did a workshop on how to remove energetic blockages and imprints that will help you identify and remove them to continue your healing and self-development journey. Removing these blockages is essential if we want to raise our consciousness and continue our self-development journey.





During the first lock-down in 2020 my mobile phone fell into the water. I tried all tricks to dry it and bring it back to life but it was completely dead.

No shops were open to get it fixed, so I had to accept that I would have to carry on with my life without a mobile phone. But how?? I thought it would be impossible! The first week was challenging, you don’t know how addicted you are to your phone until you are forced to stop using it…

After a couple of weeks of not using it, I had to make a phone call from someone else’s phone, and I was ABOSLUTELY SHOCKED to see the terrible headache I had after a 10 minute call. I felt like my ear was being pierced, my brain being fried… DISGUSTING.

We get used to these effects to the point that we don’t even notice them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Try it. Detox from your mobile phone, WIFI and other wireless device you might be using and see the difference when you try to use them again. I can guarantee you won’t want to use them anymore!

For me, breaking my phone was Divine intervention. One of the best things that has ever happened to me. After several months I bought another one, which I now use very consciously, only when I strictly need to use it, and the rest of the time it’s off in a drawer.

Turn off phone as much as you can, reduce its usage, overcome the addiction to it and you will see how you perform much better, sleep better and increase your connection to your Higher Guidance.

When exposed to sources of EMF that you can’t turn off, I recommend the following devices which I ALWAYS have around:

  • Shungite amplifier. It not only protects from radiation but it creates a calming and super harmonised energy in the room.
  • Orgonite Pendants. I never leave the house without one of this, and they feel so good that I end up wearing them all day.
  • Electricity harmoniser. It’s incredible what this tiny product can do. It works through the household wiring and it creates a ‘bubble’ of high frequency and harmony.
  • Cosmic resonator. Treat yourself to a bath with this beauty… the first time I did it I had to lie down for a while to allow my body to integrate the infusion of such high frequency waves!


I hope you found this useful.

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