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Etheric cord cutting is one of the most powerful techniques  I have found to avoid feeling drained by other people and to stop negative patterns in relationships.

When we experience strong negative emotions or we interact with others in an unhealthy way, etheric cords can be established between individuals.

These cords can make us feel drained and will keep us stuck in negative patterns in relationships, like arguments, recurring conflict or co-dependency.

The following are some signs that you would benefit from cord cutting:

  • You broke-up with someone and you can’t seem to move on fully, even if the break-up was years ago.
  • You work with clients every day and you feel completely drained after a day of work (for example therapists).
  • You work in a toxic environment with people that direct (consciously or unconsciously) negative thoughts at you or want to take advantage of you.
  • You feel like a loved one is holding you back, tries to control you or depends on you too much.
  • You have a constant feeling that people ‘feed’ from you.
  • You are stuck in a toxic relationship and no matter what you try nothing seems to change.

I have had clients that have come to me because they want to end some negative or toxic patterns in a relationship with a loved one. When I suggest that what we need to do is cut the cords between them they sometimes say: ‘but I don’t want to kick them out of my life!’.

This is not what cord cutting is about. Please note that when I refer to cord cutting, I’m talking about shifting the negative elements, the unhealthy patterns or dynamics, not the love, the bonding and the beautiful elements of the relationship!

For example you could cut a cord to a sibling if you feel the relationship between you is not healthy. This doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore, you will actually be improving the relationship as the energetic changes will lead to healthier and more authentic dynamics between you!

Ways to use cord cutting:

  • Cutting generic cords as energetic hygiene. This is something you can do every day or every week as part of an energetic cleaning routine (which I strongly recommend!), as we can establish many cords with many different people every day.
  • Cutting the cord to someone in particular. This is a more intense process and the results can be  almost instantaneous. It wouldn’t be the first time that I use this technique with a client in a session and they tell me that that same night or the following day the person they cut the cord to contacted them out of nowhere. Sometimes there is a spontaneous conversation soon after cutting the cord that leads to an improvement in the relationship or things just ‘shift’. This can be more intense emotionally, and there might be some other blocks or imprints causing the formation of the cords, so you might want to start a deeper healing process with  1:1 sessions.
  • Sometimes negative entities can attach to your energy field through a cord, feeding from you and/or ‘installing’ negative thoughts and emotions in you. Although we can use the same cord cutting technique if this is the case, I would suggest you watch this video to understand more about this topic and make sure you are doing it in a safe way.

How to cut etheric cords:

So once you identify or suspect that you have some energetic cords to cut, how do you cut them?

The best part of this energy healing technique is that it is very simple, anyone can do it at home!

In the video below I show you how to do it step by step.

If you are not sure about doing it on your own and would be more comfortable getting it done by an energy healer, you can book a 1:1 session here. Not only will we work on cutting the etheric cords, we can also work on identifying and removing any energy blocks or imprints that might be attracting you to the wrong people in the first place!

Cutting etheric cords can be very powerful and normally brings almost instantaneous results. But if you have an imprint or limiting belief that keeps you stuck in repeating negative patterns in relationships, new cords will continue to be created to different people!

I always see healing and self-development as a process, if you resonated with this article and would like to work together, you can find out more about my approach here.



I hope you found this useful!

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