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Summer holidays are here, and although it is always a good idea to disconnect and have a well-deserved break, it is very easy to forget about our healthy daily routine and slip into bad habits.

Protecting your energy field from attachments and  negative entities should be a priority these days. (If you are interested in the topic, watch this workshop I gave on the topic recently).

So here are a few simple but effective ideas that won’t take much of our time but will help you keep your energy field clean and protected from any forms of psychic attacks:

1.Disconnect from technology and spend time in nature.

Hot weather is the perfect excuse to spend more time outdoors. Give your body a good rest from social media, technology and wireless devices.

Walk barefoot on the earth, sit by a tree, or just let the healing frequencies or mother earth interact with your body.

Forget about the instagrameable pictures and leave your phone at home for better results.

If you can go away for a few days and do a digital detox even better. Here is a video of a ‘vision quest’ I went on last year – three days camping with no food, no phone, no books, nothing! It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

2.Do a short meditation when you wake up and/or before going to bed.

When I’m on holidays I tend to feel lazy about my morning routine, and I always feel how I’m thrown out of balance. The one meditation that has been a must for me for the last few years is the one is this link. Once you memorise the steps, it takes 5 minutes to do and it is SO worth it. Do it also before going to bed to stay protected from psychic attacks while you sleep.

3.Say a prayer once a day.

In this workshop I explain how powerful prayer is against attachments and negative entities, and I have added to my daily routine as one of the things I never skip. This powerful template (the sections for healing and personal protection) takes 5 minutes to read out loud and you will feel the benefits almost immediately.

4.Avoid alcohol and drugs.

According to esoteric author Marius D’Alexandre in his book Not Dark Yet: “alcohol, marijuana and other recreational drugs tend to weaken or create holes within the astral field, thus rendering the user more susceptible to the various permutations of occult interference.”

I don’t want to be a party pooper here and ruin your summer mojito parties, but honestly, it is just not worth the risk. There much healthier and safer ways to have fun!

5.Swim in the sea/have baths with salt.

After my energy healing sessions, I always recommend my clients to take a bath with unrefined sea salt, as it helps with the energetic release due to the cleansing properties of the salt.

The sea is the best natural cleansing bath you could ever have!

So if you are lucky enough to go to the sea this summer, immerse yourself in the water with the intention to cleanse any dirty or stagnant energy that is no longer serving you.

6.Protect from EMF with an orgonite pendant.

I never leave the house without one of these pendants. I don’t use wireless devices at home, and I have a fair amount of devices to protect myself at home from any form of harmful frequencies. If your home doesn’t feel like a safe, healing place you’re looking forward to coming back to, you should reduce the usage of wireless devices as much as possible and also consider adding some protection devices.

When you go to shops, restaurants, hotels, public transport etc. you will be exposed to different harmful frequencies you can’t control, so these orgonite pendants are perfect because you don’t need to do anything, just wear them!

If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel the positive effects from these pendants on your energy field as soon as you put it on.

7.Natural ways to support your health.

When I eat out, spend time in crowded places or I just don’t have access to my daily health routine (like when I go on holidays), here are two items I always use:

  • This herbal tonic in case I feel sick and to detox any toxins I might be exposed to.
  • This zapper to kill parasites and other pathogens and just to enjoy its beneficial frequencies when I’m back from a day out.


If you resonated with the tips above and you are interested in a more detailed daily routine for health and spiritual development, you can find it in this link.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and you can take a well-deserve break that nurtures your mind, body and soul!

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