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The Positive Mindset Tribe Podcast

Finding Clarity & Life Direction

By 11 January, 2023 No Comments
Hello and welcome to another episode of The Positive Mindset Tribe!
In this episode I covered:
– 3 main reasons why it is so important to have clarity around your values and life direction to live a happy and fulfilling life.
– A practical exercise to create a ‘life-map’ which will help you get clarity around your life direction, priorities and next steps.
– A practical self-discovery exercise to find clarity around your true values and your core essence.






Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Positive Mindset Tribe.

In the previous episode, the first one of the year, we talked about how to make a year end review and intention setting and manifestation techniques to make your wishes come true in 2023.

If you haven’t listened to this episode, it’s still January, so good time to review 2022 and set intentions for the year ahead.

When doing  a year review, I explained that the first question to ask yourself is what is your definition of success. And I promised I would share more information about how to get clarity about our priorities, our true values, the direction we want our life to take and this is what this episode is going to be about. This step is often overlooked. So if you having been struggling to clarity about your goals, about life direction, you’ve been feeling lost, confused or demotivated or you are just interested in getting to know yourself a bit better, this episode is for you.

Why is this SO important?

  1. Because we come to this world with our soul essence, our unique traits, skills, qualities, talents to share with the world or lessons we need to learn. We are all unique individuals. But as we grow we go through a process of being brainwashed at school, programmed by what society expects from us… Our parents (bless them!) try their best to give us good education and values but inevitably they will try to shape us based on their beliefs. If you are born in a muslim family, very likely you will be a muslim and follow those beliefs, if you are born into a Christian family, you are more likely to absorb that culture, those beliefs and traditions. This is not right not wrong, what is important here is that we stop and assess these beliefs and see if they are aligned with who we truly are. Are they serving me or are they limiting me? Is this aligned with my true self, with what I believe deep inside, with my direction in life? If you want to explore the topics of limiting beliefs further, episode number 3 has everything you know about how to identify and remove limiting beliefs. So it is very important that we remove these layers and we get to our core and essence.


  1. Reason number two why finding clarity and direction is important: Without direction, life is like driving a car without a destination in mind, you might not like where you end up! Imagine you want to go on holidays and jump on a car and simply start driving. Most likely you’re gonna end up either following where everyone else is going or completely lost! Same in life, many times we get caught in the hamster wheel, go to school, go to uni, get a job, start a family retire, done. And it is very dangerous to not stop and think if this is the direction we want our life to take, because we might realise that this is not the life we wanted to live when it’s too late. This was my experience in the corporate world, having a convenient life, based on society’s definition of success, and it took me 13 years to realise that was not what I wanted! I had never stopped and thought that I might want something else. It was only when I moved to London and changed environment that I started seeing things with a different perspective. But when I realised that I didn’t want to go with the current, I felt very lost. Very very lost. So I had to go through a deep process of self-discovery, of removing all those layers, of understanding which beliefs were mine and which ones were from others.


  1. Reason number 3: If you don’t have clarity about your values and life direction, you will very likely struggle to find motivation to achieve your goals. So for example if your goal is to own a house you will need to be very clear on why it is so important for you to own a house. Because you will probably have to work hard and save money and if you don’t have a strong driver, procrastination will kick in. So it is very important to ask yourself why do I want this house? Is this something I really want or I just want it because is what everyone else wants?

So I would like to share with you two different exercises for self-discovery.

The first exercise is to get clarity on your priorities and life direction.

  • Think of a few areas of your life that are important for you. For example: family, friends, career, spirituality, sports and community work. Why are these areas important to you?
  • In a scale of 0 to 10 (being 0 terrible, everything is wrong and 10 it’s perfect), what score would you give them?
  • Which ones are priority?
  • Assess each area (maybe you want to start with the ones that are priority and/or have a negative score) and think of what would need to happen for them to become a 10.

This will give you what I call a life-map to give you direction on your next goals, next steps etc. This is something I do with many of my clients when they are a bit lost or don’t know where to start, we draw this life-map together and then we work on each area, what needs to be let go of, what patterns need to change, how to become a magnet to attract what you want into your life.

A second exercise I would like to share with you today is to find clarity around your true values and essence:

  • Think of someone or a few people you admire. They can be relatives, public figures real or science fiction, historic characters, it doesn’t matter.
  • What values, behaviours do they demonstrate? What do you admire about them?

This can give you a clear idea of the values that matter to you and also your strengths, because what you see in others (good or bad) it’s already in you.

OK my loves, I hope you enjoyed this episode, thank you so much for being here and listening to this podcast, thank you being part of the positive mindset tribe!

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Sending much love and light to everyone,

See you next week.


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