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Self-sabotage is when someone, consciously or subconsciously,  does something that is against their highest interest, it’s unhealthy for them or stops their development.

I want to emphasise that we can sabotage ourselves consciously or subconsciously, and actually most of the time we will do it subconsciously.

Very often we have limiting beliefs or programs that we are not aware of but are operating from the subconscious mind.

Sometimes it can be a defense mechanism to protect ourselves and it is always part of our growth and learning curve.

For example, if you find yourself procrastinating to follow your purpose and start your own business, there might be some beliefs, blockages or fear that might be stopping you from succeeding.

Gaining awareness is the first step and the most important one.

In this article you can find common expressions that might indicate some form of self-sabotage, you can check it out here.

Here are some steps you can take to overcome self-sabotage:


1.Identify what areas of your life are not working.

The first step is to gain awareness. Make a list of the main areas of your life (for example: purpose, family, friends, charity, traveling…) and give them a score between 0 and 10.

Which ones are not working or could be improved?

What could you do that would have a positive impact?

What is stopping you from doing it? This is where you might identify some form of self-sabotage!

2.Beliefs assessment.

Once you identify where self-sabotage is happening, you will need to do some work about what limiting beliefs or programs might be operating at a subconscious level.

This article will help you identify some limiting beliefs and show you the steps to remove them. Check it out here.

3.Turning old stories into wisdom.

We are not the events that happened to us, we are the stories that live within us.

Having a traumatic childhood can be a reason to justify the lack of success for one person and a learning experience for another one.

When we don’t heal our wounds, we can find ourselves repeating the same old toxic patterns again and again.

If the story that lives within us is that we don’t deserve love, we will subconsciously sabotage all our relationships.

Check out this article on how to transform old stories into a source of power and wisdom.

4.Review your environment.

Is your environment encouraging your growth and development? Or is it bringing you down?

By environment I mean loved ones, work colleagues, friends, society.. But also your habits – your daily routine, your news/social media consumption, the food you eat, the way you speak, how you start your day, what you do before going to bed, if you are exposed to radiation and pollution… everything counts!

Sometimes the reason why we sabotage ourselves is to fit in a group of people, to be liked and accepted, and we might do things to please others that we know are not good for us.

Make a list of good and bad influences for your mindset and start cutting-off the ones that are not good for you and add more of the healthy ones!

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