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Under a stressful situation, our Fight or Flight system turns on. This is a normal response – when we are in danger, our body releases hormones that will enhance the body functions that will help us fight our threat (an animal chasing us, someone trying to attack us, etc.) or run as fast as we can.

Once we process that the danger is over, this system turns off an the body goes back to balance.

Now, what happens when we live in a CONSTANT state of alert?
When everything around us is stressful – work, family, responsibilities, money, world events…? Or when due to past experiences we perceive the world as a source of constant danger?

Our bodies are not designed to have our fight or flight system constantly on.

When you are stressed all day, your body understands that the priority is to keep you going, running around, and wide awake.
Body functions like digestion, sleep, the immune system and repairing and healing will be heavily impacted, as your brain will determine that they are not a priority. You always feel tired because you don’t rest properly, you might feel like you are unable to concentrate and you perceive everything around you as a threat, living in a constant state of hyper vigilance. Enjoying a walk in the park or sitting down for 10 minutes to hear the birds sing becomes an impossible mission.

And even worse, this can result in different types of physical symptoms and health problems.

One of the first things I do with many of my clients is to help them reset their Fight or Flight system and bring their systems back to balance.

Very often they want to work on their self-development, they want to grow, they want to fulfill their purpose, or they want to clear energetic blockages that are holding them back from having a joyful life.

But before we can start to do the DEEP work, the first thing we need to do is to bring the system to a state of harmony and balance.

Deeper work like removing karmic imprints, soul retrieval or connecting with our Higher Guidance is IMPOSSIBLE when our body is flooded with adrenaline and cortisol keeping us in a state of alert.

The energy healing technique I use to help my clients reset their fight or flight system is called ‘Decoupling’.
It brings the rhythm of the heart chakra and the second chakra into harmony with each other and with the rhythm of mother earth.
There is something magical about feeling the rhythm of our body being in sync with the heartbeat of the earth.

When your system is in balance and harmony, you sleep well and you feel rested when you wake up. You can sit in the park in silence and enjoy a beautiful sunset. You can concentrate on the tasks you need to do. Your body can repair and heal itself after a hard day of work.
You can listen to your intuition and Higher Guidance. And you can appreciate and enjoy the little things you had been missing all this time.

If you want to experience the benefits of this technique, you can book a session here.

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