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Hi beautiful people!

In this video I talk about how to identify and stop toxic relationships using a very simple tool – the Drama Triangle.

The Drama Triangle has 3 main roles that we normally take on when we don’t know hot to meet our needs in a healthy way – Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor.

Learn more about these roles, the benefits we get from these unhealthy dynamics (yes, there is always a benefit!) and  how to get out of the drama triangle to enjoy healthy and nurturing relationships.

There are also some prompts for self-reflection to help you gain awareness and help you snap out of these roles.

In the second video I explain how when we are in toxic relationships negative energetic cords can form between individuals, creating codependency and more unhealthy dynamics.

In these cases, the most effective way to end the toxic relationship is to intervene at the level of the energy field, cutting these cords and removing any other energetic blockages or beliefs that might be attracting you to this type of relationships in the first place.

Have you ever been in a relationship (not necessarily romantic, it could be with family members, friends, colleagues, etc.) where you feel no matter what you do you keep repeating the same negative patterns?

Or have you broken up with someone but feel like you can’t just move on, like they are still part of your life somehow?

You would definitely benefit from this simple but powerful energetic technique – cord cutting.

I use this technique with my clients ALL the time, and many times they notice instantaneous effects of relieve and peace. If you would prefer to get this done and have my support in the healing journey, you can book a session here.



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