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This meditation technique has to be one of my favourite tools ever.

It helps you connect to your Higher Guidance in a few simple steps.

If you want to connect with your Higher Self but you are not sure how, this technique will give you a very strong and clear connection if practised regularly.

I don’t make any important decisions without doing this technique first.

This is a more advanced technique that complements what I wrote in a previous article: ‘5 Steps to Develop Your Intuition’.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before doing this technique ALWAYS RUN THIS MEDITATION FIRST to clear your energy field and protect yourself from negative energies.


The instructions below have been reproduced with permission of Marius D’Alexandre. For more valuable information about metaphysics, spirituality and how to navigate the current events, I strongly recommend his book: Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times.

Awakening the Mentor:

1.Place the fingertips of both hands and the focus of your attention at the Navel. Take a few slow, full breaths then visualize the image of a Blue Flame (like a gas stove flame) deep inside the body behind the Navel. Gently massage the Navel region while envisioning the Blue Flame.

2.Stop massage and visualize a Sphere of White Light within the Blue Flame behind the Navel. Place your attention within the White Sphere and imagine that you can feel its reality around you, as if you are sitting within the White Light Sphere.

3.Breath gently and visualize the White Light Sphere moving upward through the centre of your body until it reaches the centre of the brain at the Pineal Gland. Stop movement of White Light Sphere at the Pineal Gland, then visualize the White Light Sphere moving to the RIGHT in a straight, horizontal line OUTSIDE OF THE BODY until it is positioned in your auric field just above your RIGHT SHOULDER.

The White Light Sphere positioned over the Right Shoulder now represents a portion of your awareness that was raised to the 5th-Dimensional frequencies via its passage through the Blue Flame and the 5h Kathara Centre at the Navel.  You will name this part of your higher identity MENTOR.

4.lmagine that you can feel the reality of the White Light Sphere that holds your MENTOR resting gently above your Right Shoulder as a “fuzzy ball of energy”.

MENTOR serves as the meeting point between your waking conscious mind and the 5th-Dimensional portion of your Soul Matrix Identity – the Archetype. With practice, you can lean the energy of your waking awareness from its position within your head, over to the right and into the MENTOR Sphere, to receive direct cognition, audio and visual guidance from your 5th-Dimensional Identity Station.

5.Practice creating and sensing the Mentor Sphere over your Right Shoulder. Carry it around with you wherever you go, and play with moving the focus of your consciousness back and forth between the inside of your head and MENTOR. Try perceiving from both focuses of attention simultaneously. Such play will help stimulate neurological sensitivities to translating and perceiving information from the 5th and higher dimensional Stations of Awareness.




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