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The Positive Mindset Tribe Podcast

Change Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

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Welcome to the first episode of The Positive Mindset Tribe!

In this first episode I covered:
  • Why having the right mindset is so important and how it can change your life.
  • What It means to have a positive healthy mindset (it is not what you think!)
  • What we need to do to achieve a powerful mindset shift.
  • My story, my background and how changing my mindset transformed my life.
  • What The Positive Mindset Tribe will be about and all the powerful tools I will be sharing with you!



Hello hello,  and welcome to the very first episode of The Positive Mindset Tribe. This is your host, Verónica Moreno, I am a mindset coach, therapist and energy healer and the purpose of this podcast is to share with you all the secrets and the most powerful tools I know so you can  become a  magnet for love, abundance and joy, so you can manifest the joyful, meaningful and successful life you deserve.

I believe that to achieve that, it is all about he mindset. having the right mindset can transform your life.

In this first episode I will be covering:

Why having the right mindset is so important and how it can change your life.

What It means to have ‘the right mindset’, or a positive mindset.

What we need to do achieve a powerful mindset shift

About my story and the tools I will be sharing you.


So first of all let me introduce myself, and tell you about my journey.

My name is Verónica, I am 37 and although I’m originally from Spain I’ve been living in the UK for the past 7 years.  I run my own therapy business which is about helping people to let go of their old beliefs, programs, stories, all that is no longer serving them so they can reconnect with their true self, with their inner treasures, their inner power, find their life purpose and manifest a joyful and fulfilling life. I feel incredibly blessed to  have found my purpose and to be able to do something I love, to share my life with the man of my dreams, to be in good health, to have a beautiful house in a beautiful place in Devon… but life hasn’t always be like this for me.

8-10 years ago I was a complete different person. I was selfish, self-centred, only caring about having a good job to make money to feel important. And for some time it felt really good to have a high paying job in the corporate world, that is how society measures success, that’s what  we are programmed to do, so I felt like I was doing great, and for outsiders, my life was perfect.

But deep inside I hated my life. I would finish work every Friday and I just wanted to forget about it, going out clubbing, getting drunk, buying expensive shoes, going on as many trips as I could, all of that to avoid facing the reality – that I hated my life!

My relationships were a mess, I would always attract a lot of drama. A lot of suffering. I was holding a lot of trauma from my parents getting divorced when I was very young, being an only child and having to go through a very painful process that I couldn’t share with anyone, so I buried all that pain and emotions. I just swept under the carpet. But unconsciously, my beliefs about love were making me attract relationships which either would be very difficult, full of arguments, or my partners would not want to commit and I would feel abandoned, not to mention that I was full of pain, insecurities, fear… Even if things went well I would always break up with them if it was becoming too serious. Cause I was terrified of being hurt again.

But to outsiders, I was doing well, I had a good job, I would always have someone to share my life with, had many friends.. So I was very confused because I didn’t understand why while having an apparently perfect life I felt so depressed, so empty, with no motivation, so unfulfilled, directionless, like I was wasting my life.

Only now, after being through a very deep process of self-discovery, healing and inner work I’m able to see that I was living my life completely disconnected from myself, form my emotions, not taking care of myself of my health. My true self was buried under layers and layers of programming, limiting beliefs, old stories… I didn’t even know who I truly was!

The life I was living was so not aligned with my true self, with my purpose, that my soul was screaming for a change! That’s why I felt so bad!

It was only when I started to become more interested in spirituality that I started to question myself what I was doing with my life.

And I would ask myself – is this what you want to do for the rest of your life? Go to a grey office, with people you don’t have anything in common with and put numbers in a spreadsheet you don’t care about only so you can pay for the bills? Only because it is supposed to be the right thing to do? What everyone else does?

So I decided to embark on a career change, and after considering many options, I felt guided to start a masters degree in Counselling, which was the best investment of my life.

Because what started as a qualification that I would maybe use as part of my next career step, became such a wonderful  journey of self-discovery, of healing past experiences, of getting to know my true self, of rebuilding my confidence, I felt like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. It was an incredible transformation process.

And I realised that this was the path for me, that I had to help others achieve the same, because it felt so good, I felt like I was becoming a new person! My relationships improved dramatically, I started my own business, I was doing something I love, I felt so good to get rid of that baggage and be able to love myself and believe in myself.

So I continued to do more training in other psychological models,  as a life and career coach, but after a few years I realised that with talking therapies you can achieve great results but there was still something missing.

I discovered the world of energy healing, and how past experiences can get stored in the body, in the energy field in the form of pockets of dirty energy and if we work at this level we can achieve much deeper transformation and it is much quicker than just talking about our problems.

I trained as a shamanic energy healing, as a theta healer (I will be sharing more about this in future episodes) and I used to spend all the time I had in my hands studying different psychological and healing techniques but also spiritual traditions like Daoism especially qi-gong, buddhism, christianity , shamanism.

And I learnt that we are much more than flesh and bone, that our experience here on earth is just a tiny part of our spiritual evolution, of our soul journey.

Which gave me a deep sense of meaning, direction and purpose and I could see how I was able to support my clients in their self-development journeys in a much more profound and impactful way with these new tools.

And that is how I got here, the work I do now  is a combination of  all these tools and disciplines, my personal journey and my experience with many clients all these years.

And now if I think about the person I am today, far from perfect, but with so many blessings in my life compared to the mess I was 10 years ago, the main difference is my mindset.

So for example When my beliefs about love were limiting like ‘love hurts’, ‘relationships are difficult’, ‘men can’t be trusted’ – I kept getting caught in dramatic relationships.

Once I healed my trauma, my past experiences and cleared those beliefs, I was able to love myself, to reprogram my ideas about relationships, and now I have a beautiful nurturing and fulfilling relationship with the man of my dreams. All because my mindset changed.

On the other hand, I was always told that I would get very far in my career and that I would have a great job, that was my upbringing  and because I deeply believed it in, I was always getting promotions, making a lot of my money in the jobs I had, not even working that hard, but because I believed I deserved it, money was just flowing to me!

Now, when I started my own business, that was a whole different story, because I didn’t have the belief that I could succeed doing something on my own. So working for myself, I felt very small, not good enough. I believed that safety and financial stability could only come from working for a big company.

So unconsciously, I kept sabotaging myself, procrastinating, always thinking that eventually I would have to go back to the corporate world and I was creating my own blockages to stop myself from succeeding! It was only when I cleared those beliefs and my mindset changed that I started to make progress.

And because I believe and I have experienced that with the right mindset you can achieve anything, I decided to start the positive mindset tribe podcast, to share my journey and my best tools with you.

So what is mindset?

Our mindset is a set of beliefs, our attitude towards life or a particular situation , our way of thinking. And the way we think, our beliefs, determine what we expect from life, how we react, what we attract, even if it’s unconsciously, it still happens.

So what happens when you have the right mindset?

  • You believe in yourself, you achieve your goals easily.
  • If something bad happens, you can cope with it, you believe in yourself and trust you have the resources to deal with anything that might come your way.
  • You become a magnet for nice experiences, you don’t need to try hard, because you believe you deserve them.
  • Life flows, because you allow it to!
  • You are at peace, you don’t get triggered that easily and if you do, you know how to manage your emotions.
  • You enjoy life much more.

But when you don’t have the right mindset…

  • Your limiting beliefs run the show. Even if you are not aware of them, they will still operate from the subconscious.
  • You sabotage yourself and block opportunities to succeed based on those limiting beliefs.
  • You attract negative people and situations that confirm your negative thoughts. We create situations that confirm our negative beliefs. So when I had the belief that true love hurts, I was attracting dramatic relationships. And I kept getting hurt. Which reinforced that belief even more. Love hurts. Men can’t be trusted. But change its scary. Our brain prefers the known even if it’s unpleasant. It is crazy but that is how the brain works because as human we tend to prioritise safety. And change is risky, it goes against the instinct for survival.

So we will need to push through that resistance but it is really our choice to choose to  program ourselves for success or failure. Success doesn’t depend on other people or circumstances, it depends on our attitude, our beliefs and the work we put in.

This might sound like something that is very hard, but with the right tools and guidance it is actually not that difficult. And a bit of motivation and encouragement. And that’s what I’m here for!

But  let me make a very important point about what having a ‘positive or healthy mindset’ is:

Having  a positive mindset  is much more than positive thoughts. Healthy mindset is not false positivity. It is not about living in a pink bubble, protected from the world, not taking risks, only reading positive news and positive affirmations and pretending everything is rainbows and unicorns. NO.

Having a positive or healthy mindset  is about believing in yourself and knowing you have all the resources you need to deal with anything that might come your way.

It is about knowing who you truly are, and loving yourself for who you are. It is about celebrating the good moments but loving yourself unconditionally in the bad moments, knowing how to show yourself compassion.

It is about having a can do attitude towards life.

It is not about being fearless, but being able to manage that fear, to go out of the comfort zone despite the fear.

Having a positive mindset is about seeing an opportunity to grow and to learn lessons in the challenges and difficult situations. It doesn’t mean that we won’t get hurt. Because we will. It doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes. Because we will. But that is what life is about, growing and learning and improving ourselves, physically, mentally, spiritually.

And for this we will need to go deep  and understand where those beliefs come from. When did I learn this? How was this belief serving me? When did this happen? Who did I learn it from? Do I repeat any patterns running in the family?

We will need to heal the past experiences and reprogramming those beliefs.

Deep change requires deep inner work, as simple as that.

But I find this so empowering that it is really up to us to change and to take back control of our lives.

So my question for you today is: are you ready to embrace that power that we all have, to take responsibility, to make conscious choices? To let go of what is no longer serving you?

To go within and unleash your true self, your values, not what others want you to be, to be who you truly are, believe in yourself and finally start attracting the success you deserve?

If the answer is yes, I’m so happy to hear that and let me tell you you are in the right place.

Because this is what this podcast is about.

And I will be sharing with you my most powerful techniques. Sometimes they will be practical tips, self-reflection or journaling exercises, energetic techniques or guided visualisations to integrate change.

I will be covering different topics: self-love, confidence, sabotage, relationships, abundance vs scarcity mindset, self-care, spirituality – purpose, higher guidance…

In the next episodes we will be exploring dos and don’ts for a positive healthy mindset for success and how to identify and remove limiting beliefs.

Thank you so much for being here today! If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn more please subscribe to the podcast, review it and share it with friends.

Sending love and light to everyone,

See you next week!



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