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As social beings we seek validation and acknowledgement, it is a natural instinct.

But before we can receive appreciation from others, we need to learn to value and love ourselves. Because how others treat us is just a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Our relationships (with out partner, family members, neighbours, collegaues, etc.) are like a mirror that reflects back to us what we need to heal, what we can improve, what we need to become aware of.

The first step to learn how to love ourselves is to look at ourselves with a bit of compassion. We can be our worst enemy, can’t we?

Think about how you treat the people you love. Do you treat yourself in the same way? I bet the answer wasn’t ‘yes, 100%, I treat myself with as much love, respect and compassion as I treat my loved ones!’

So my invitation today is that you spend a few minutes every day showing yourself unconditional love.

You could do by writing a message to yourself, saying it out loud, or even saying it to yourself in front of the mirror.

Try it for a few days, and even if it feels uncomfortable, stay with it! Ask yourself the following questions:

Why does this feel uncomfortable?

How do I feel doing this?

What thoughts are coming to mind?

What is stopping me from giving love to myself?


There might be some limiting beliefs, or programming about yourself and self-love that you need to clear. That’s fine, we all do! The purpose of this exercise is to become aware of them – and that is great progress!

These beliefs can be ‘reprogrammed’ with techniques like Theta Healing, I do in my 1:1 sessions all the time. If self-love is something you would like to have some support with, check out how I can help you here.

You will see that as you learn to value yourself and treat yourself how you deserve, things will change around. It is not about changing what other people say or do, it about your own transformation and the rest will follow…

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Listen to more tips about how to love yourself more in this video:

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