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Coaching? Therapy? Energy Healing? Which One Is for Me?

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There are so many therapies and healing modalities out there that it can be difficult to know which one is the one you need to continue your self-development and healing journey.

In this article I explain different therapies and energy healing modalities including:
– Counselling/ traditional therapy
– Life Coaching
– Shamanic Energy Healing
– Pranic Healing
– Theta Healing
– Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)
– Matrix Reimprinitng

Watch the video or continue reading the article below.

Counselling/ traditional theraphy

The first qualification I did was a Master’s Degree in Humanistic Integrative Counselling and it was truly transformational.

I became aware of many ways in which I was sabotaging myself, and I healed so many wounds. It helped me develop a much healthier and authentic relationship with myself and others. But I felt that at some point (after two years of weekly sessions) I hit a ceiling. There was not much more I would heal by just talking about my problems. I was becoming a master about my problems and I could rationalise where all my limiting beliefs  and blocks came from but I was still triggered, so I decided to look for another healing modalities to continue my journey.

Life Coaching

What I love about coaching is that is very goals orientated and forward looking. I learnt so many practical tools that challenged my view of the world and it’s great when you have a goal in mind and need accountability. You will definitly get things done with a good coach. But it lacks the depth that other modalities offer in terms of the healing and transformation you can achieve. So in all honesty, my coaching qualification didn’t add a lot to my skills other that a good toolbok of resources. What was a game changer for me was to discover the world of energy healing.

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine was the first energy healing technique I qualified in. This period of my life was truly transformational. I felt like I lived in ceremony every day! Shamanism is very connected to nature, to the seasons, to the elements and it has beautiful ceremonies.

I also learnt many ‘hands on’ energy healing techniques to clear the energetic imprints that traumatic experiences can leave in our energy field. I sitill use a lot fo these techniques in my sessions to clear energetic blocks, cut energetic cords or to retrieve parts of the soul.

This is a much quicker and effective way to heal than just by talking about your problems.

However, what I’m not a huge fan of, is that with this type of energy healing you totally rely on the practitioner to do the magic. People who are sensitive to energy will immediately perceive any energetic releases, but for people who don’t this can be a block to their healing if they believe that nothing happened in the session.

Pranic Healing

The pranic healing techniques I use are very similar to the ones described above, it is another ‘hands on’ technique where the practitioner projects energy and the client just receives it.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a wonderful energy healing technique that helps us do two things:

– Enter a meditative state where it is much easier to access and reprogram the subconscious mind

– Connect with God and the energy of creation

From this place we can clear old imprints, manifest new potentials, rewrite limiting beliefs… It is a really versatile technique.

In a session both meand the client have our eyes closed and we are in a very relaxed state, but there is still a dialogue, so the client is more active in the session, which I think is very empowering and makes the healing more effective than the ‘hands on’ only energy healing techniques.

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

EFT is based on the idea that if we ‘tap’ on certain points in the body where certain meridians are while we focus on a problem or emotion we want to release, we will clear the energetic blocks.

I had heard about this technique for years and I have to say I was really impressed witht the results when I tried it and later I did the training to become a practitioner. The best thing about ‘tapping’ is that it is so easy to use that it can be an exceptional tool for self-healing and self-development. I have certainly used it as aprt of my daily routine many times when I have felt anxious or triggered in any way!

Matrix Reimprinitng

Last but not least, I consider Matrix Reimprinting to be the crown jewel of healing. It was developed by Karl Dawson as an adittion to EFT and it has literally blown my mind.

It is based on the idea that there are younger parts of ourselves, called ECHOs (Energetic Coansciousness Holograms) that carry the emotions and limiting beliefs from traumatic experiences. When we work with them ‘in the matrix’ or the field, we can help them make more empowering decisions about themselves, others and the world, and we can help them release the painf, fear, anger or any other unpleasant emotions they might have been accumulating. What I love about this technique:

– It mainly works through visualisation, which is the language of the subconscious mind, so it is very effective to rewrite our limiting beliefs and old stories.

– You don’t associate with the part of you that holds the trauma, which makes it way less painful and you don’t retraumatise yourself by talking again and again about what happened to you.

– The client is the one helping the younger part of themselves or ECHO, and witnessing this transformation is truly empowering. In a Matrix Reimprinting session you are actually the one healing yourself! It gives a sense of power and control that other techniques don’t offer, and it helps the person believe in themselves and know they have all the resources and wisdom within.

What to avoid?

One thing that I would suggest you avoid like the plague is any healing modalities that involve channeling, ‘connecting’ with spirit guides, entities or beings from other planets or dimensions – it is too dangerous.

I know from experience that the spiritual world is full of trickster beings that will camuflage as beings of love and light and give you some rsults at the beginning but eventually you will end up like before or even worse.

The only spiritual elements I use in my healing are my intuition to detect hidden energy blocks and prayer.

So what do I acutally do in my sessions?

A combination of all of the above! I don’t think one size fits all and one type of therapy doesn’t have all the answers.

So in my healing coaching programme ‘Step Into Your Power’ I use a combination of the different disciplines I’m trained in based on the person’s needs. Every person is differend and we need different things so I tailor every session depending on what they need.

I truly believe that the combination of my therapeutic background, the goals orientated approach from coaching and the energetic healing techniques I know will help you achieve deep healing and transformation.

So if you are curious about my approach and would like to experience it I would love to invite you to book one of the ‘Reclaim Your Power’ free sessions I’m offering between now and my Christmas break.

This is the link to book the free Reclaim Your Power session.

In this session:

– I will guide you through a process to identify the energetic blocks at the root of the self-doubt, negative thoughts and fears stopping you from living a joyful and fulfilling life.
– We will design an action plan to clear these blocks so you can create the life of joy and purpose you came here to live.
– You will leave the session with a renewed and empowering vision of yourself and clarity around your next steps!

If as a result of this session I feel that you would benefit from my healing coaching programme ‘Step Into Your Power’, I will share all the details with you and we will discuss if this is the best option for you.


Link to book your free Reclaim Your Power Session.

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Hi, I’m Verónica! I work with women on a self-development journey who feel ready to do the deep healing so they can live they joyful and fulfilling life they deserve. I have helped many women across the globe (almost 20 countries now!) to step into their power and elevate themselves beyond their story and start living in an authentic and fulfilling way, leaving the people pleasing, self-doubts and old ways of living behind.

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