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‘Abandonment wound’ might sound like something very strong that only a few people experience due to traumatic events.

But we all have been exposed to some form of abandonment in our lives.

Abandonment is not only when a parent literally leaves the house and abandons a child or a family. You might have felt abandoned when a new sibling was born and got all the attention. Or when you weren’t picked for a team at school. Or when you had a bad day at school at no one at home was available to listen to you.

Experiences that might seem not too relevant at the time can leave a deep imprint of abandonment feelings in ourselves. It doesn’t need to be a traumatic event, any experience of rejection or not feeling taken care of can be experienced as being abandoned.

This leads to a number of problems. When we feel abandoned, our self-confidence is destroyed.

We think that our newborn sister is getting more attention because she is better than us. We think that our parents don’t have time for us because we are not good enough. Because our needs are not important.

So we install all these limiting beliefs like programs being installed in a computer because no one taught us better.  We acquire these beliefs to survive to protect ourselves. And 20, 30 or 60 years later, those beliefs are still there making us feel unimportant, full of self doubt and insecurities, not able to embody our power and not able to enjoy the relationships and the success we deserve.

This Theta Healing guided meditation will help you heal the abandoned parts of yourself.

Warning: this meditation is deep and transformational but you might get emotional while doing it, so make sure you are in a place where you won’t be disturbed and you will have some time for yourself afterwards.

I would recommend you save some time to do some journaling, take a bath or just lie down and relax to integrate the energetic changes. Now if you are ready, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

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