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When we experience traumatic events, it is possible for a portion of the soul to separate, taking with it a part of our essential self.

When this happens, we might feel like something is ourselves is “missing”, like we are not complete, like we are not embodying our full potential.

Have you ever thought to yourself : “since that (traumatic or negative experience) happened, I have never been the same. A part of me is still missing”.

That is a good sign that that experience needs healing and a part of your soul might have fled because it was too painful for it to stay.

Soul loss can manifest in emotional imbalances (feeling empty, depressed, disconnected from yourself, irrational fears, inability to function properly) and even physical symptoms.

Soul retrieval is the process of bringing that part of ourselves that fled in a traumatic event.

For example, if someone lost both parents at a very early age, a part of her soul might have fled to avoid experiencing such a terrible pain. The innocent, trusting and joyful part of that person might not be available since then, resulting in a “wounded part” that if it’s not healed properly, will cause trust issues, depression, being over-vigilant, isolating from the world…etc.

With soul retrieval we can heal that experience and bring back the part of the soul that was lost.

Soul retrieval is a beautiful process that can be done in an in-person or online session.

Firstly, we identify the part that is missing. With energy work, we bring it back to the energy body, heal the imprint and “renegotiate” any existing soul contracts.

When this is done, you will reconnect directly with this part of yourself – “the grace” through an empowering  dialogue where you welcome and integrate the missing part and get guidance and inspiration from it.

In my experience, Soul Retrieval is one of the most beautiful and powerful healing techniques that one can experience.  

After the session, I will suggest some ideas for you to “make space” for this new part of yourself to be fully integrated within you. Soul retrieval is a process that will require an active role from you if you really want it to be effective!

But if you are willing to commit to it… get ready for a DEEP transformation in your life!

If you feel like soul retrieval is something you need, you can find out more about my approach and book a session here.

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