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In my experience, applying effective energy healing is not only about the techniques you use, a BIG part of it relies on the ability, skills and purity of the practitioner.

To improve the results I get in my sessions, I follow a daily routine for health and spiritual development that has a big impact on how effective my sessions are. A big part of my work is to make sure I’m in a good state to actually do the energy healing!

So whether you are an energy healing practitioner or just use some energy healing techniques on yourself, I would like to share some tips with you that I have found very effective to increase the potency of my energy healing sessions:

1. Work on improving your concentration levels EVERY DAY. When you are using your hands to cleanse someone’s energy field or to project energy, you will need to be 100% concentrated.

If you are projecting energy onto someone but your mind is wondering all the time, thinking what you forgot to add the shopping list, the effectiveness of the treatment will decrease significantly.

Sometimes it is not about complicated techniques, it is about being able able to perform them with strong intention and concentration.

Add some form of mental training to your daily routine, like setting a timer for 10 minutes trying to quiet the mind or focusing on an object, mantra or thought.

2. Purify your body. I avoid doing sessions right after eating, I feel full and less able to concentrate. I perform much better on an empty stomach. Your regular diet will play an important role in your performance too. In my experience, when I eat less meat I am more sensitive to energy, so I can identify energetic blocks more easily and clear them more effectively. You don’t need to go plant-based all the way, but choose lighter meals the days when you will be doing energy healing.

3. Purify your spirit. In my sessions, I very often pray to God or call upon Jesus or the Archangel Michael to guide me and help me with the healing.

When I am connected to God and my Higher Guidance, when I follow my purpose and focus of being of service my spiritual power increases. I feel very connected and I feel that the ‘ones upstairs’ are more willing to come and help.

When I am distracted with irrelevant, material things, when I don’t do what I’m guided to do or when I have periods of procrastination and rebellion I find it much more difficult to get connection and I don’t feel as guided or supported.

The best healers or spiritual masters of all times got their power by fasting, meditating in a cave for years and by following a life of service, humility and self-purification.

You don’t need to go that far, but the purer your spirit is, the better results you will obtain. Work on healing yourself, clearing your karma and living a righteous life.

With regards to points 2 and 3, I would strongly recommend you do the METAPHYSICAL MASTER CLEANSE.

4. Take time to prepare before doing energy healing. Make sure you are working in a (physically and energetically) clean space.

Use incense or essential oils.

Do a short meditation or breathing technique before you start so you can calm the mind and be more sensitive to energy.

Say a prayer for protection and guidance.

You know what works for you, so build a pre-energy healing routine to get you in the right state of mind!

Watch this video to learn more about how you can increase your energy healing power:


I hope you found this useful.


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