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The Positive Mindset Tribe Podcast

Morning Routine for an Empowering Mindset

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When you are not in your power, everything goes wrong. You are at the mercy of life, what other people do and think, external circumstances, etc. When you are not in your power you are not in control, which means that we are basically just dealing with whatever life might want to throw at you – this is not a great position to be in!

But when you are in your power, when you know that you have all the resources you need, when you believe in yourself, when you love yourself, it doesn’t matter what other people think about you, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around because you know that you have the power to change and the resources to deal with anything that might come your way.

In this episode I want to share with you 5 ways in which you might be leaking your power without realising it and what to do instead.



In this free, no-obligation session I will help you identify the main block stopping you from creating a life of joy and purpose and I will share with you some personalised tips and next steps. You will leave the session with a renewed and more empowering vision of yourself!






(Please note this is not an exact transcript of the episode, it is more like a script, there are more detailed explanations and insights in the actual podcast!)

Hello my beautiful souls and welcome to another episode of The Positive Mindset Tribe!

Today’s episode is about must do’s in your morning routine to help you have an empowering mindset throughout the day.

What we do first thing in the morning will set up the mindset for the rest of the day. So those 20-30 minutes after waking up can make a huge difference in how we face the day, how we feel about the day and we deal with our work or whatever might come our way.

Before we start, I would like to invite you a free online full moon meditation that I will be doing live on Zoom next week, on Tuesday the 1st of August at 7pm UK time.

In this session I will be covering:

– Key steps to leave the programming from the past behind, reconnect with your inner power

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– Fire ceremony to let go of the old stories and attract a life full of joy and purpose.

– Healing meditation to clear energetic blockages from the past and activate your innate talents

– Time for self-reflection and Q&A

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Back to the episode and morning routine for an empowering mindset.

For me my morning routine can literally make or break my day. When I follow my morning routine every day (which I will of course share what it includes and give you more ideas), I feel balanced, I feel in harmony, I can concentrate at work, I feel more inner peace, I sleep better, I feel lighter, life flows better… So if a few days in a row for whatever reason I don’t follow my morning routine, normally if I’m traveling it’s when I struggle to keep the morning routine or if I feel tired and skip it I really notice the difference. I feel like I’m thrown out of balance, I don’t sleep that well, sometimes I will wake up and my busy mind just won’t shut up, I get easily overwhelmed…

And for me my morning routine is especially important because when I’m in a session with a client I want to be at my best. The more in harmony I feel, the better I can listen to them, the better I can listen to my intuition and ‘read’ what’s going on for them and what tools to use in my sessions, and obviously if I’m doing any form of energy work a huge part of it being effective is the state of the practitioner. I want to have my energy field as clear as possible, I want to be able to concentrate to make the energy healing more effective but also to have more clarity and be able to perceive the client’s energy field better. So for me my morning routine is a must and I consider it literally part of my work, it is a priority for me. And I believe that all these elements of my morning routine, which I started when I was still working in the corporate world,  were what help me elevate myself and be more connected with my higher guidance, make better decisions, and be in the position I’m in today, having healed and grown so much personally and professionally running my own business now.

Now, a morning routine doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t need to take an hour. What I want to share with you is some elements that I consider a must in a morning routine to start the day with an empowering mindset and I will give options to make it very easy and quick and I will be sharing some more advanced options for those who are more familiar with meditation (spoiler!) and spiritual practice.

1.Shower. It’s important energetically more that physically!

2.Gratitude. It raises your frequency, it keeps you humble and appreciating what you have, it makes you less prone to complaining during the day.

3.Meditation. It can be as simple as bringing your awareness to your breath for a few minutes or more complicated techniques like qi gong for example. Become aware of your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations without reacting, just being an observer.

4.Affirmations. Write down a list of affirmations to read out every day, about yourself, about what you want to attract, it can be one affirmation to concentrate on one topic or a long list of different ones.

5.Prayer is also an important element of my daily routine. For me in particular I pray for spiritual protection, sometimes I say a prayer for my family.

6.Connect with your intuition for guidance for the day. Do some journaling to organise your thoughts and set intentions for the day.

7.Healthy breakfast. Maybe even fasting! Water, supplements, water with lemon, herbal tea, whatever feels great in your body.

8.Physical exercise. It would probably have made more sense at the beginning before getting in the shower, but I saved it for last because for me is not a must. I know it’s very beneficial, it can make you feel great, but it takes more time and I’m not a morning person, so for me this is not a must, but def a nice option to add if you have time and energy first thing in the morning!


OK my loves, I hope that was useful, let me know which ones are your favourite and if I missed any elements that you have in your daily routine that make you feel great!


A couple of announcements before I go, I’m now on Instagram, so give me a follow and let’s hang out there, @veronica_moreno_coaching.


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Sending much love and light to you all,



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If you are feeling stuck and could do with a boost of clarity and confidence, I’m offering some free confidence booster sessions that would be perfect for you!


In this free, no-obligation session I will help you identify the main block stopping you from creating a life of joy and purpose and I will share with you some personalised tips and next steps. You will leave the session with a renewed and more empowering vision of yourself!



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