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In this article I want to share wih you 3 key tips to develop your intuition so you can make decisions that are in your highest interest.

When you listen to your intuition and higher guidance, you are folllwing your Soul’s advice, so you can unlock potentials you never thought possible.

This manifests as life just flowing, opportunities appearing out of nowhere and experiencing positive outcomes that you never expected (even from decisions that didn’t make any logical sense at the beginning!)

Watch the video to learn these tips or read below:

1. Learn to quiet the mind.

It is practically impossible to listen to your intuition when your mind is producing thoughts at a 100 miles per hour! The busy mind can trick us, so to learn to listen to your intuition you will need to learn to quiet your mind and get caught in the spiral of thoughts.

You can do this by practising meditation or other mind training techniques every day in your morning routine and or before going to bed.

2. Practice makes perfect

Anyone can learn to use their intuition, anyone! It is true that some people are naturally more intuitive, but like any other skills, intuition can be learned by practising. Start with easy and not important decisions and test your guidance.


3. Choose the right timing

Personally, the best time for me to access my inner guidance is first thing in the morning, after I have showered (so I feel fresh and ready to start the day) but before having breakfast and starting to work.

If I need guidance about a decision, I would do my morning meditation and prayer routine and then see how I feel about the options I have in front of me.

This is when I know I’m most centred and balanced, and I can trust my intuition more.

If you try to listen to your intuition in the middle of a working day between meetings your mind is going to be very active so it might not be the best moment to try!

Also, for women our cycle can give us a great advantage. Our period is the natural time of the month to retreat, go within and just slow down and *listen*.

If you no longer menstruate, you might feel more connected to the moon cycle and maybe you feel more inspired during the full moon or maybe the new moon is the time for you to do the self-reflection and connect within. Again, experiment and try!


A more advanced technique to connect with your Higher Self can be found here.


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