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Matrix Reimprinting is an addition to Emotional Freedom Technique (commonly known as tapping) and it is one of the most powerful healing techniques I have trained in.

I am qualified in many disciplines including Humanistic Integrative Counselling, Life Coaching, Theta Healing, Shamanic Energy Medicine and I have to say that Matrix Reimprinting is one that really impressed me!

It is so simple, yet so incredibly powerful.

I tried a few sessions when I was looking at clearing some blocks around my business and I was so impressed with the results that I decided to become a practitioner myself!

So in this article I want to share with you what Matrix Reimprinting is, what happens in a session and how it can help you heal your past so you can live your highest life.

Or you can watch the video here!

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is an addition to Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping), developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson.

It is based on the idea that we hold our traumas or stressful life experiences in the ‘field’ or ‘matrix’ and these parts of ourselves that haven’t healed or achieved resolution affect our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

We hold these parts of ourselves that experienced trauma, stress or painful experiences not just as memories but as ‘energy bodies’ which in Matrix Reimprinting are called ECHOs (Energy Consciousness Holograms).

What we do in Matrix Reimprinting is interact with the ECHOs, like we were stepping in the movie of the event that caused distress. You can have a dialogue with your ECHO to help them see the situation from a different angle, they can say what they couldn’t say that day and most importantly, you can help your ECHO change the ‘belief’ they formed that day.

For example if as a kid someone was neglected by their parents and didn’t receive love or attention, maybe they formed they believe ‘there is something wrong with me’, ‘I am not lovable’ or ‘my needs are not important’.

With Matrix Reimprinting, you could work with this ECHO to tap on the trauma,  to give them the love they needed, to help them understand that their parents beahviour had nothing to do with them and to help them change their old beliefs into more empowering ones.

Once the ECHO achieves resolution and experiences a positive emotion, we ‘reimprint’ this new ‘memory’, to rewire the brain and upgrade every cell in the body to your new state of being.

What happens in a session?

In a Matrix Reimprinting session we start by identifying the ‘ECHOs’ or moments that need healing or resolution.

Some times we know very well the events that had a negative impact in our life, but some times it is not that obvious.

If you are feeling stuck in an aspect of your life, or you are experiencing stress, anxiety or emotional triggers, we will work on ‘tracking’ these energies and see what memories come up for you.

Once there is a memory that needs healing or resolution we use visualisation (as imagery is the language of the subconscious mind) to step into the memory and facilitate the dialogue with your younger self or ‘ECHO’.

When the ECHO achieves resolution, you will bring the image of your new empowering beliefs and emotions from the top of your head, all the way down to the body and then sending this image out to the universe from the heart, following the principles of the ‘law of attraction’. By rewiring your brain to a more empowering story, upgrading yourself to a higher vibration state of being and sending this signal to the field you are sending the message that you are now in resonance with events, people and situations that match your new state of being.

This is what I love about Matrix Reimprinting compared to other disciplines:

– In talking therapy/coaching you can gain a lot of awareness about your behaviours and how your past is affecting your present. When I did weekly counselling sessions as one of the requirements of my Master’s Degree I was really shocked by my limiting beliefs and all the emotions and stress I had been bottling up. It was very healing for me but it felt like a very lengthy process and at some point I felt like I was hitting a ceiling, like there was not much more transformation I could achieve just by talking about my problems. Talking therapies don’t rewire your brain and don’t release the energetic blocks in the way Matrix Reimprinting does.

– Energy Healing can help you achieve deep transformation, based on the idea that traumas and stressful life experiences leave an imprint on your energy field. It is truly powerful to clear these blocks energetically, I definitely felt that with Theta Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine I unlocked a much deeper level of healing. But in these modalities the healer does most of the work, actively doing the healing. People who are sensitive to energy can perceive these shifts immediately, but for people who are not that sensitive to energy it requires to just trust that the healer did what was needed. This can leave the client feeling that it was a waste of time or believing nothing happened, which can block the healing process. Also, it can encourage the client to take a passive role in theor healing, coming to the sessions and expecting that the practitioner will ‘heal’ them with no action on their side.

– What I love about Matrix Reimprinting is that it combines the power of energy work through working in the field and tapping to clear the energy blocks and resolve trauma while the client takes a very active role in the process, which I find extremely empowering. When the client goes through the beautiful experience of talking the ECHO and assisting them in their healing they have basically become the therapist! There is so much power in witnessing your ECHO heal and achieve a positive and empowering state and you don’t need to be sensitive to energy or have any particular skills to do Matrix Reimprinting.

– Also, as you go the stressful memory to interact with your younger self but you don’t associate with it, it is not as painful as a talking therapy session can be, where you just narrate the events again and again. People normally get emotional in Matrix Reimprinting sessions, but it is mainly due to the beauty of the process and the relief you can achieve.


How can Matrix Reimprinting help you?

Matrix Reimprinting won’t change your past, but what can help you change is the story that lives within you, the narrative to tell yourself, the old beliefs and programs that are blocking you from living your highest life.

It is very effective in finding and clearing hidden blocks that manifest as self-sabotage, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of confidence, fears, procrastination, depression, limiting beliefs, etc.

By clearing these blocks and rewiring your brain to more empowering beliefs about yourself, others and the world, you will start to attract events and people that will be a match for your new state of being.

You might see that you are not attracted to toxic relationships anymore, that you finally can make a living from doing something you love, that you feel at peace and have a more loving relationship with yourself and that you can live a more joyful and fulfilling life aligned with your Soul’s purpose.

Matrix Reimprinting is one of the main techniques I use within my healing coaching programme ‘Step Into Your Power’ so you might want to check it out and book a free discovery session to assess if this is what you need!


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