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How Committed Are You to Bring Your Dream Life into Reality? Tips and Questions for Self-reflection

By 6 November, 2023 No Comments

Have you been trying to ‘manifest’ a joyful and fulfilling life but nothing seems to work?

Maybe you’ve tried different vision boards, visualisation techniques, but no result. Maybe that is something that works for other people, but not for you, you think.

Well, if you are tired of life just happening to you and you want to make your dream life happen, here are some tips for you!

Spend some time reflecting on the following questions:

– How committed are you to bring your dream life into reality?

– How aligned with your vision are your every day actions, thoughts and decisions?

– How uncomfortable are you willing to get to let go of what is no longer serving you so you can start actively creating your dream life?

In this video I explain why these questions are so important and share some additional tips to help you manifest the life of joy and purpose you came here to live:

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Hi, I’m Verónica! I work with women on a self-development journey who feel ready to do the deep healing so they can live they joyful and fulfilling life they deserve. I have helped many women across the globe (almost 20 countries now!) to step into their power and elevate themselves beyond their story and start living in an authentic and fulfilling way, leaving the people pleasing, self-doubts and old ways of living behind.

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