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Intuition: How to Use It to Make Better Decisions

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How do I know if it’s my intuition talking or my monkey mind? How can I use my intuition to make better decisions? Why can’t I trust my gut feeling, even though I know it’s always right?
All the answers in this episode!
Try the simple but powerful exercise I suggest in the episode and let me know how it goes.






What intuition is, how to tell if you are listening to your intuition or the chatter in your mind and practical tips to develop your intuition and make better decisions.

Learning how to use your intuition is one of the most useful things you can do to make decisions that are in your highest interest. By highest interest I mean that are good for you, for your soul, for your development journey, for your purpose, not to please others but for your growth.

We normally make decisions using our analytical mind. Which is great, very useful, but many times we forget to trust our intuition, that gut feeling which in my experience is much more important than what the logical mind can assess.

How many times have you made a decision and a bit later have found that it wasn’t the best idea and said: I should have followed my intuition!

Intuition is something that is available for everyone, everyone can learn how to listen to their intuition. It takes practice!

There are some people who are more open, especially women, as our energy body is different and we are more yin, more magnetic, it can be easier for us to connect to our intuition, but men can do it too, like I said it is something you can train.


The way I would define intuition is: a built-in system we have to perceive information that is not available through the traditional senses. So it is a mechanism to perceive and process information that we can’t see with our eyes, we can’t hear, we can’t process through the logical brain or explain how or why. But we just ‘know’, we just perceive it in a different way.

I know that the main problem with using your intuition, or your gut feeling, or sixth sense, your higher self, whatever you want to call it is that we might not be sure about how to discern between what is intuition and what is the chatter in your mind. So I will share some practical tips and steps you can take to trust your intuition more.

This is a very important episode because a lot of times there is more to a situation or a person than what the physical eye can see.

When you go to a bar or to a shop or when you meet someone new, sometimes you immediately know if you like that place or person. And sometimes you can’t describe why, you might not be able to explain why you feel so good spending time with a person you just met, or why you feel completely repelled by another person or place. Well that’s your intuition right there, you are perceiving something about that person or that place that you can’t see with the physical eye, or you can’t explain with your logical mind, but the information is there, and you are receiving it and processing it, just in a different way!

Since we are all energy, and our energy field carries all the information about ourselves it is actually very easy to see how you can perceive some traits about a person without even talking to them!

I have learnt how to use my intuition more and more, because I have seen it working soooo many times. Some decisions I have made didn’t make logical sense at all. But I just knew what I had to do. And I rebelled at the beginning, and I didn’t understand, but eventually, when I have trusted my intuition, my higher guidance it’s always been for the best.

One of the best examples I can give is when I had a strong feeling that I had to move to London, at the end of 2019. We were living in a small flat in central London, which was enough for us, we both had quit our office jobs but we still had many connections and friends and our life in London so it didn’t make much sense to go live somewhere else, but I kept getting this message that we had to get out of the city. So we moved out to a beautiful residential area, posh and lovely, by the Tames, but I hated it. Because I missed my city life, my friends, my dancing, my shops around the corner, my super convenient location, I missed everything. And I thought I had made the worst mistake of my life. 3 months later the lockdowns started, the whole world was under house arrest, everyone going crazy and panicking about being within 2 meters of another human being, something like we had never experienced before.

So I understood that the reason why I had to get out of the city was to be in a much bigger place with beautiful gardens, we would have really struggled in a tiny apartment in London without nothing to do.

That was a big leap of faith to go against my logical mind and follow my guidance, but the important decisions I have made following my intuition have been the ones with better outcome.

So I encourage you to practise and develop your intuition because especially in this world full of lies and propaganda, manipulation and corruption, the only way to know the truth, what is good for you is to trust yourself, to go with what feels right for you, even though that might be against what everyone else believes or even against what your logical mind thinks it’s best.


  • Learn to quiet your mind. If you can sit in stillness for 5 minutes without getting caught in whatever thoughts are coming up for you, you are gonna have a real time going within and listening to your intuition. This is the main problem that stops from truly trusting and following our intuition, that our mind is so busy, so full of thoughts that if we don’t learn how to quiet it , it’s impossible to know if we are getting a message because we are perceiving something with our 6th sense or we are just listening to our monkey mind.
  • Exercise to practise: think of a decision you have to make, where you have to choose between two options (let’s say two for now to make it easier). Close your eyes and quiet your mind with some meditation first, breath deeply to relax the mind and body and only when you feel like you are in a good state proceed to the following step. Think of the alternatives you have to choose from, one at a time. Bring one to mind and see if you have an expansive feeling or contractive feeling. When we have an expansive feeling it means that the energy body is reacting positively and it’s good for us. When we have a contractive, oppressive feeling, it’s an indication that that alternative is not for us.
  • Start with small decisions and when you see that your intuition is right, trust it for more important decisions. If you start trying to listen to your intuition for a very important decision, fear of getting it wrong might be a big factor, so start with smaller decisions first to get confidence.
  • Choose your timing. I have found that the best way to really connect with your inner guidance is first thing in the morning before you eat. The mind is clear, we are rested, it is much more efficient. Don’t do it after a busy day, an active meeting or if you are very tired. Don’t try to listen to your intuition when you are stressed or feeling anxious, your mind and your body need to be calm.

Ladies, like I said anyone can access their intuitive skills, but I have found that in general it tends to be easier for women. For the ladies who still menstruate, I would recommend you try these exercises and tips while you’re on your period. I know that sometimes you might be in pain but honestly, if you rest during your period you will see that it is a wonderful time of the month to quiet the mind and listen to your inner wisdom. These is what our ancestors have been doing for centuries if not millennia, they would go to the moon lodges to gather with other women and rest, and share their visions and dreams. Check out episode 9 about the female cycle to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Ladies who don’t menstruate anymore, congratulations, you are a permanent ball of intuition!! Since you don’t menstruate anymore, all that energy that used to go to create life, now goes within, women after menopause can experience a huge spiritual awakening and see their intuitive and clairvoyant abilities heightened, so enjoy!

  • For those with more spiritual development, I have a more advanced technique to connect with your soul, your higher self, if you have never done meditation before I wouldn’t recommend this one, start with the simpler exercises first, but I will leave a link to the description in the shownotes.


OK my loves, that is all from me, start practising, start going within and listening to your built-in guidance system and you will make much better decisions, you won’t regret it I promise.

And if you’re thinking that you are so far from being able to make decisions based on your intuition, know that it is all about practice! I practised a lot before I felt comfortable trusting my intuition completely, and still there are days or times when I don’t feel in the right state and I just wait until I feel a bit calmer and more connected.

So give a try and let me know how it goes.

If you would like some mentoring around this topic feel free to book a free consultation, I will leave the link for this too, to find out more about how my energy healing and coaching sessions can help you clear any blockages that might be stopping you from being connected to your intuition.


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